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I'm nearly done with Toradora and this bitch needs to die in a fucking fire
Conceded two-faced cunt
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I'm sorry you have a terminal case of shit taste.
kill yourself
nah she's great

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How many of you want a husbando?
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i aprove the op image
Bakugo and Uraraka will have a baby but Deku will father it and be a good father. Also, Momo will have Mineta's baby.
But Dabi is my husbando.

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Post it here and discuss
I'll start;
>anime should just make more Corean dramas than trying to appeal with niche and weird fanbases
>Seikaisuru Kado was a masterpiece
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Erina dubbed makes my dick harder.
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Toradora and NTR Album 2 are entry level garbage soap operas and /a/ is to pathetic to realize that
I want to see Arthur slaughtering Astolfo.

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Relax and take it easy.

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Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

-Trying on some stockings like this (http://i.imgur.com/r3CWJuG.jpg) Can also be NSFW if you wish
-Dressed as a nurse (http://i.imgur.com/JvApJO7.jpg) or a neko nurse (http://i.imgur.com/yYxoWQ4.jpg)
-Or wearing Saber Alter's dress (http://i.imgur.com/mtlkHMK.png)
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated. Make sure to ask beforehand.

And hope you enjoy your weekend as I.
Requesting Tharja and my SI playing music together, with her playing bass and me playing guitar please.
Use this song to get an idea of how we'd be playing together; slow music, but still emotional.

This got a good delivery done before, so I'd like to try it again.
Listen to this song and kind of let it be your muse on drawing.
Draw Tharja in a way you'd feel would fit well with the song.

Draw her in a style resembling a style you personally like.
Mangaka/Video game design/animation studio/fanart/etc

Wearing cute casual clothes or anything in this album.

Anything cute with SI. Playing FE Heroes together.

Or combining any of the above requests together.
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Requesting Chelsea please, anything cute/cutelewd is fine!

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A lot of people recommended Terra E, and I decided to start watching it. I just finished the second episode, and I don't believe I have ever watched an anime with such dumb and whiny characters who cannot grasp basic emotional concepts.
So, all the Mu welcomed Jomy on their ship with warm smiles, but when he was shocked and surprised by how they can talk using thought waves (which is what any rational person who was raised in a place that doesn't say anything about the Mu would do), they all started to hate him throughout the rest of the episode, even though they all probably know that he came from the place where they indoctrinate people to not know anything about the Mu.
And what about Jomy himself? He's still questioning whether or not he's a Mu, even after he was literally able to understand what an animal was saying and break the glass surrounding it. He also still distrusts the people who saved him from having his memories erased and being killed by the humans for being a Mu. He was also able to send his thought waves to Soldier blue at the end of the episode and find him, yet he still says "I'm not a Mu."
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Forgot to ask in the OP:
will this anime get better or is it going to remain that way?
I don't like judging shows by just watching two episodes, but it feels like it's just trying to make Jomy into this Naruto-like character who is hated and distrusted by everyone, yet has incredible abilities.
It does improve, and you get to see Jomy and a bunch of other characters grow up a lot. The focus on feelings and emotion never leaves and is actually an important theme throughout the series, but that's also one of its biggest flaws and one of the reasons it doesn't measure up to other space operas like LoGH or SDF Macross. IIRC it was originally written by a woman in the 70s or 80s and that influence really shows.

The thing about Jomy's reaction is that he is getting mentally overwhelmed by all the thoughts. It's not about being rational, it's like suddenly going into a room full of people talking so loudly you can't think, and you can't get away from it. Like speakers blasting into your ears, but mentally. Secondly, Jomy is also dealing with denial. His whole world has been turned upside down, and he was even attacked by the system he was led to trust in since birth. Part of his denying that he is a Mu is because he doesn't -want- to be a Mu. Everything is jarring and shocking to him. He doesn't want to accept all these things that have happened. He's just a kid who wants to go home.

As for the Mu themselves, it was only the teen Mu that had issues with him right? The adults were worried about him.

As for Jomy, he will grow from this and eventually be similar to Blue. But it might not be your thing. Like the other anon said, emotions and feelings are very important in it. If you want heroes that are caring, selfless, and do what they can to bring peace through people understanding one another then keep watching. If you're not into that give it a miss.

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Legend of the Gold Babylon coming to blu ray for the first time ever.
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I'm glad Discotek is finally releasing it. I thought it'd never come out after they put it on hold ten year ago.

Also interesting to note, is that they also announced the grabbed the rights to the 2001 Cyborg 009 anime.
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Yeah i'm hyped for that as well.
I'm glad that the series is finally going to get a full release.

I'll probably never stop being bitter about buying the uncut DVD set in 2004, though.

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Why is loli fanservice so rare these days?
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>Seriously saying this in a season with Tenshi no 3P and Made in Abyss

Now that the dust has settled what does everyone think of the black guy parts of "Before my body is dry.mp3" ?
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>"the black guy parts"
They're okay, it made me very nostalgic for TTGL.
Lyrical genius

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>the last anime you watched is now doing a crossover with the last game you played

what happens ?
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>gurren lagann meets Lisa the painful

so gurren lagann with clinical depression ?
>kill la kill meets PUBG
I feel like this is already an anime...
>Genshiken and Team Fortress 2

A bunch of college otaku shoot at each other and wear absurd outfits, and occasionally do silly shit? Seems like it could be similar to Sabagebu.

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Spread the happy birthday cheer, why it's even better with a big birthday tree. Atmosphere is important, Honoka even has a birthday hat on. She's so excited!
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Even after all this time, I still don't know what this meme is.
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Sorry, I'm too busy preparing for Kanan's birthday.

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Which Yu-Gi-Oh! girl makes the best waifu?

No monsters. Beastiality is a crime.
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You posted her.
Delete this pic from the Internet she would never engage in such debauchery.

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pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day

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a cute girl did NOT type this
I no understando at all
Thank fren

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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because he's a CLAMP faggot who loves Suzaku's dick.
Why didn't your mother just abort you?
Suzaku was too powerful

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This is the 10th member of the Straw Hat crew. Say something nice about him!
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needs to lose some weight.
actually zeus is
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It's honestly strange going back for a reread and seeing how useful and heroic Sanji can be sometimes. He's saved everyone multiple time this arc.

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A tad sad, but this was quite hilarious.
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Isn't this hentai?
Yes, iirc she tries to make herself pretty and ends up becoming a slut or something. Oh, spoiler alert

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