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Nanbaka episode 19
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I need to really watch this series. Just how it looks reminds me of School rumble
10/10 AOTS
>no more comfy prison comedy

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Left or right?
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Left of course.

Claudia a best. A BEST.
both are good but right

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wich of these characters can get the best deals?
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>an eternal life worth of experience at ripping off people vs a single lifetime
Sorry, but you can't compete with the dragon.
You've obviously never seen Pawn Stars... Chumlee wins, but only if he's on meth.

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why doesn't this faggot just give her the dick seriously

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Who wins?
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the jew one
Spoilers say top dies so bottom
The actual Fafnir dies so at some point bottom will too.

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What is thy desire?
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Stop making these threads
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Your virginity.
fuckoff nerofag

Should the Dragonball universe get a reboot or a re-imagining? It's getting boring watching these godlike creatures with ridiculous power levels punch each other.
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No, it should just die and you should read/watch something else.
db is terrible
Something that grounds the ridiculous power levels would be nice, but Toriyama's fanbase would probably lynch him.

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I kinda enjoyed the first chapter but there is no way this idea has any legs.

It's just going to become typical harem bullshit that's shit because you know he won't end up with either of them.

What does /a/ think on its cancellation chances? 90%?
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Use the fucking catalog.
I like it
Author is an airhead fag, she'll win.
But that aside, IF the author manage to make a good SoL out of it and cycle the story with adding more characters and focusing on then (it's not hard, even for nips) then we can have a cool title for our weekly needs.

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What are their flavors?
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Sweet and Salty
Minigirls are too cute already. Put them in food and they make my heart hurt.
Can I have a bigger portion of those two?

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Have you read Gantz:G, anon? What do you think of Gantz:O?
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Its great
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gantz g ch 16.jpg
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It would be much more tolerable if it was released weekly instead of monthly. The artstyle, pacing, and spinoff-factor is more fitting for a fast-but-low-quality publication. Hell, this is still only the second game so far and the boss is basically Nurarihyon-tier in terms of overkill and unclear health. I really want to enjoy this like the old days of the original Gantz, but I just can't see it going anywhere at such an abysmal pace.

At least we now have an all-girl squad with a non-bratty competent kid character in it, I guess.
Does it have a man dry humping a giant horsefaced alien woman? No? Don't care.

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face it anon,it will never get finished,idol hell is gonna kill it and you know that

Just face it already anon
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Can you not?
It feels like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign when the DM gets a girlfriend and the campaign falls apart.
Aren't we getting a new chapter this spring/summer?

Posting chapter 7.
Please point out any typos or errors.
Broken ellipsis and inconsistent quote marks symbols are trivial and I'll fix them later, feel free to ignore broken commas and dots too, though pointing out any punctuation that seems extra rare is helpful.
Still posting 1 chapter a day, mmmh.
Also, if anyone has HQ illustrations from Yen Press please share them.
And yes, I'll share the full volume later.

Chapter 1: >>152935775 (colored illustrations inside)
Chapter 2: >>152976705
Chapter 3: >>153012570
Chapter 4: >>153060226
Chapter 5 Part 1: >>153101246
Chapter 5 Part 2: >>153105648
Chapter 6: >>153146295
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“NEW YEAR’S EVE...” I SAID TO NO ONE IN PARTICULAR, lying in the grass and staring up at the bluish bottom of the floor above.

The date was indeed December 31, but it was still the bright daytime, the breeze wasn't particularly cold, and there was no house to clean, so it didn't feel like the end of the year. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what last New Year's Eve had been like.

I had wanted to participate in the New Year's Eve event of the MMO I had been playing at the time, but on my father's orders after his return for the holidays from America, I had to join the huge house-cleaning effort. I remembered the cleaning of the little kendo dojo in the corner of the yard being exhausting, so I had to bow and scrape to my sister Suguha, whom I hardly ever spoke to anymore.

When I returned to the living room, exhausted, my mother had brought out the sweet mochi rice cakes early, which were so tasty they hurt. I gave up on the MMO event and watched TV with my family, ate the special New Year's soba noodles, listened to the bells, then went to the nearby shrine for the customary first visit of the year...

I lifted my eyelids, ending the reminiscence.
All I saw was a lid of steel and rock, looming three hundred feet overhead.

Was my family in the real world cleaning at this very moment? Would Suguha be struggling to wipe the dojo clean without my help?

Fifty-five days ago, when Akihiko Kayaba announced that the game of death had begun, I never imagined that I would spend New Year’s Eve in this world. I didn’t have a vision about how many days it would take in total to clear all one hundred floors of Aincrad. And I certainly didn't expect that nearly two months later, we wouldn't even have beaten the fifth floor.

Assuming our pace remained the same, we would be here for New Year's Eve not just next year, but the year after as well. In fact... that was just a hopeful calculation. If I kept participating in the frontier group, I might not even survive to see the next New Year's Eve.

Until now, a part of me felt that if I died fighting monsters, I would have no regrets. Just after the game began, I left the Town of Beginnings before anyone else to make use of my beta knowledge and experience and up my chances of survival, but that wasn't all. In a way, I was afraid of other players being stronger than me. As a level-based MMORPG, once someone else got ahead of you in level, there was no catching them again. I was pressured by that fear playing on my ego. If I wanted to stay one of the best players, I had to continually risk the dangerous boss fights... It was a paradoxical thought process.


Two days ago, I realized a new motive had appeared within me.

Even relaxed in the safety of the dark elf village, thinking about that moment made my guts churn uneasily. As I was rushing through the second level of the catacombs beneath Karluin to the next staircase in search of Argo the Rat, I saw Asuna's HP bar suddenly drop 10 percent in the upper left corner of my vision.

At first, I had no idea how my temporary partner could have
lost HP while asleep in her bedroom above Blink & Brink. The first possibility that occurred to me was that she accepted someone's duel within the city and was fighting them. But that was unlikely, given that it did not rise or fall any farther for many seconds afterward.
That left only one answer. Asuna had come into the catacombs dungeon after me. I had to overcome the urge to start sprinting madly and force myself to think about where she might be.
The toughest monsters on the second level were the poisonous Moldy Mummy and the astral Mournful Wraith. Both were tricky, but neither could take that much HP from Asuna at level 17 with one hit. Once her HP didn,t change after that, it was most likely from a trap, not combat. This dungeon didn't have any traps that caused direct damage, which meant it was a trapdoor. And the only trapdoor was in one of the crypts right at the start of the second floor.
It would be more direct to go down the same trap to find her, but I was already deep on the second level, and the stairs were closer to me. I raced to the third level, cut down any monsters I saw, and raced straight for the area where the trapdoor let out.
Eventually I sensed people ahead, but all I saw were two unidentified cursors. They were both green, but I hid just in case, approaching the little room in the cave until I saw the two men in black cloaks.
Soon after, I heard one screech about a Chivalric Rapier +5. As soon as I saw the silver sword in his hand, I felt all the blood in my body freeze and boil simultaneously, a sensation I would never forget.
Asuna's HP bar was still displayed in the corner, yet I couldn't stop myself from imagining that they’d PKed her to get the rapier. Perhaps the cyclical updating process of the HP information was behind, and when it refreshed, it would instantly drop to zero. My body trembled at the thought.
At that moment, in the cave on the other side of the little room, Asuna saw me emerge and face the cloaked men, assuming

It's especially strange because Toei is known to have a hard-on for Goku but now it seems now they're a stan for Vegeta and his family. Fuck the Son Family. That's the mentality of these writers.

I've suspected it since Episode 15 (and predicted it from the beginning) but never before has it been so obvious till the most recent episode. While Vegeta stayed to support Bulma during pregnancy Goku acts an insensitive fuck saying he shouldn't care because he's not the pregnant one... ignoring the fact Bulma is almost 50 and pregnancy at that age can be really dangerous. I'm like... come the fuck on, aren't you two close friends?

But it gets even worse... they also imply Goku has never seen Chi-Chi pregnant which is understandable in Goten's case because he didn't even know he existed till the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai but for Gohan unless he went away for 9 months for whatever reason there's no fucking way. He also casually brings up the fact he was dead when Goten was born.
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Chi Chi doesn't give a fuck about Goku either
they're perfect for eachother then :)
That's true though. I was watching the rerun of the Buu saga on Saturday and Goku talks about how he's excited to come back for a day to take part in the latest tournament, and it occurred to me that he had a nine year old kid he hadn't even met yet and didn't consider using that one day back on.

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A thread for TL and TS n grammar ass police
since the newer one got archived?
also how hard could you even hit this wasp or hornet and only knock it out?
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>>153027307 previous thread
>knock someone up?
yes that's where we stopped last time
Are we still shocked with Kogatana's pregnancy?

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Sexy bunny ass.jpg
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Precure thread.
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Why is there still half a week until the next episode?
The things I'd do to that bunny.
Because that way bunny can have our focus for 1 week before squirrel and then gao steal the spotlight.

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