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Thank you, OP.
Thanks doc
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Where are my reasons not to kill myself this year? Did I miss the 2017 version? I mean, it's already February.
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There was a list going around in like October/November, but I don't think anyone made it into a chart.
Someone tried to make a thread awhile back, but it got deleted.

Most of these were either not very good or didn't happen.

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128 years ago, Jonathan Joestar died and had his body stolen by Dio Brando.
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Jojo is lame
Still best husbando.
First JoJo, best JoJo.

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I've just finished this show.
Should I like it?
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It's a meme show. Liking it is a meme. So no.
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Try to survive the withdrawal symptoms. Have you watched the OVAs yet?

Mekakucity Actors has the most incoherent story line I've ever seen, and it's upsetting. And yes, I did watch the clips after the credits. Still so many plot holes. Good opening theme though.
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There are literally zero plotholes. The information was just delivered poorly because of poor time management.
The manga is better, read it.

Is a boy a man in his 30s?
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Don't you have a mission to complete James?
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Why is Satania so annoying?
She ruined the whole season.

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Best show this season?
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There's a lot of good shows this season.
Not even close.

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So tell me, /a/, which gaming anime has the best waifu?

>pic related
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Just got poster of her, r8
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can somebody explain this
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It confuses me too and it's constantly posted in rage threads. All I can gather is she is having someone who isn't her husband over when she's home alone with her daughter. Looks like he's just bringing them groceries. Perhaps it's her brother?
When a girl and a boy love each other very much, they have a baby.

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Will we ever see Berserk finished? I'm losing hope.
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I really don't know.
We already thought up every possible ending.
Not in this lifetime. Not as long as [email protected] exists.

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>another Saberface character
How did we go from Fate/Zero to this?

Where did it all go so wrong?
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The part where you made shitty bait.

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I know I have shit taste right?
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You're a fujo and fujos are disgusting
Shit taste and a low powerlevel, fujoshit.
Indeed you have.

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>Kill your best friend and then immediately turn to lesbianism

What exactly was the moral behind this story?
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gay finds a way
Exposing the Redditors

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Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior SONZAI X?
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>tfw she'll never hold you from behind and look at you like that
fuck you being x
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Why is she so bug-eyed?

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So I read that official subs for monogatari are shit and I better use fansubs, is this good?
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There aren't any full subs of all the extra material. Like, every episode on the dvds has a track and sometimes two of character commentary by the voice actors. But none of this is translated. Because the translations are based on machine translations of the scripts which that are cleaned up by an editor looking them over and making small changes. The commentary tracks don't have scripts to work from, so there's just nothing. That's the state of fansubbing, unfortunately. And of course it's just a really wordy show, where a significant number of the jokes are based on wordplay and references that can't be machine translated. It would need extensive notes to communicate to the audience, or very skilled professional translation. And a show like this is just not going to get that.

You can, literally, learn enough Japanese to watch the raws or read the books in less time than it will take for good subs to exist. It takes maybe 3-6 months.

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