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Fucker looks like keanu Reeves now.

Darker than black or Cowboy bebop movie, staring Keanu Reeves when?
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Or a John wick anime would be nice.
I don't know, I'm sure they'd ruin it somehow.

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is this accurate?
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No. Ram best girl.
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Well she's the only girl anyone gives two shits about as well as waifu of the year
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Why do they have to take out the best girl? I just want her to be happy.


Anybody looking forward to the movie?
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I'm fine with the original
The scarjo movie looks like the biggest pile of generic modern sci fi post-apocalyptic shit I've ever seen
I agree

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I see a lot of love for feet and armpits. What about collar bones?
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exposed collar bones are the mark of an indecent whore
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So all girls should wear turtlenecks?
those are even lewder as they give the impression of their necks being dicks

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>"Mugi, is it true that men on the internet call us their waifus? Gross!"
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>double quotes
no they call you sluts
Waifus are pure, K-ons are not

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What's with shoujo manga's hard on for guys who act "Prince Charming" like? they unrelateable as characters and unrealistic
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It's supposed to be escapism for little girls. What do you expect.
Worse is shit like Sailor Moon, where the girl MC gets carried and never accomplishes anything herself, also since females can't seem to draw, the artstyle is often horrid. I'm not sure good shoujo actually exists.
>also since females can't seem to draw, the artstyle is often horrid
For you.

Latest short is out

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i want to be whipped by that sadistic loli!
I want to cuddle Viktoriya
What did he mean by this?

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beach episode: habbening
spoilers: full
eren: retard
dick: out
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AM is love.
AM is life.
Armin is shit.

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>“But at any rate, you wanted to repent, and you wanted someone to condemn you. Ever since spring break, deep down both in both body and in soul, you’ve felt keenly aware of your own underhandedness.

>“You saved Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade out of a sense of pity—and you wanted to suffer the consequences.

>“You formed a friendship with Tsubasa Hanekawa—but since you couldn’t return her feelings, you always worried about whether you were really entitled to do so.

>“You saved Hitagi Senjougahara from the distress that had plagued her for years—so when you started dating her afterwards, you couldn’t help wondering if you were just ‘taking advantage of her weakness.’

>“You respect Suruga Kanbaru—and the fact that you can’t live your life so candidly makes you feel inferior to her.

>“You saved Nadeko Sengoku—but she wasn’t the only one you wanted to save back then.

>“You came to a reconciliation with Shinobu Oshino little by little—but can you be forgiven for doing so? Speaking of forgiveness, the First was ‘forgiven’ by Shinobu-chan back in August… Does the fact that you can’t forgive Shinobu-chan even now make you narrow-minded? And aren’t you hoping to be forgiven yourself, in spite of all that?

>“You acted so sure of yourself that time you chose a little girl over your lover and your savior, but that decision of yours is still eating away at you even now, isn’t it?

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so basically: being araragi is suffering
I want to hug Araragi, he's too pure for this world
Best MC out there

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Yep. It's pretty cringeworthy. I hope this shitty arc ends soon.
Let me guess, more Kariu drama?

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Take it to /v/, retard.

>adding the Faulconer score was good, because the series wasn't about martial arts anymore in Z, because of all the over the top stuff the characters start to do
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goku vs majin vegeta.gif
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Let's discuss why Akko is so cute.

No tripfags allowed.
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Miracle of the universe
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She tries her best even when she's wrong. but she is as sharp as a spoon
Posting best smile before someone else does.

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This is your date for tonight.
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Does it come with a supplementary noose?
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Skate blade, with compliments.
Anon can perform Death by a Thousand Cuts.
Why is his hair gray?

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Why is "boy who lost parents and is hotheaded and annoying because of it" such a trope in Anime?
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you mean shounen? because of edgy kids
That's a real life "trope"
Because he has no parental guidance you goddamn fuckwit.

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