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FACT, saiyans are the most POWERFUL RACE IN THE WORLD
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>failed power level bait thread
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You mean halflings

I just saw this anime it was good.
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For liking Steins;Gate or just for making such a lazy thread?
how about for existing at all

Anyone else find it so intresting how NGE and TTGL ended up so differently with a similar base premise with the MC

They feel like inverses of each other almost

Now, which one is better?
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that's the whole point of ttgl retard
Eva was more consistent with its plot development. TTGL's second half was jarring as fuck until they went to space.

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this is a demon.webm
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This is an evil demon from the depths of Hell.
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There's already a thread up >>153156330
And threads are slow right now, so there's no real need for multiple ones.
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Evil demon and her girlfriend
Not just any demon, but a Great King and an Earl of hell who governs 36 legions of spirits, as well as being known as the deadliest demon who can take souls without permission.

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Who is the best TM boy and why is it Gil?
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Maybe if you're a woman.

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This fag trips and falls near your waifu.
How do you respond?
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Turn him into a girl and teach him the pleasures of being a woman.
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Ask him when his mom will appear next.

There is literally nothing you can do. Nothing at all. His power surpasses all reason. Do not bother trying to prevent it. Smarter and sexier people have tried. They, too, were caught within his web.

All you can do is be ready to console your waifu after the damage is done while she screams and cries that she is no longer pure and can never be a bride.

Do you think her VA will ever get another gig?
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Only as AV
Hiring an addict would look bad for them, so no.
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Maybe. Aya Hirano has been slowly starting to make a come back.

what the hell was her problem?
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She needed the fabulous ghost librarian terrorist D
but isn't she half of momoka?
I thought loli jesus hated ghost terrorist

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This will be your succubus for tonight
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cute 3.gif
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Fuck yes.
I need virgin succubus doujins ASAP.
Oh boy, lets get drunk!

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Does she come back after Onimonogatari? If not I'm gonna drop the series. I don't even care about other characters that much to keep me going.
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She's fucking dead, ofc not
Araragi goes to hell, grabs her on the way out, and instead of putting her back they make her the god of the local shrine so apparitions will stop showing up. Mayoi hell, I think the book's called?

Figures the fucking japs would send kids to hell for dying before their parents.

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Get in here you monsters!
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzyfcys1aLM
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forgotten gem or dogshit?
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It's in the chart. No one forgot about it.
You're too young to browse this website, please leave.

Well GitS already looks shit but anyone still have hopes for this?

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I had hope before cameron decided to not direct it. Now I'm sure it will be shit

I wish Avatar only made enough to not ruin Cameron's career.

Why do they have to ruin everything?
Whats next? Patlabor in a black neighborhood?

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What was the point of this scene with Aqua and the fish. I fucking laughed but I have no clue what was going on.
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Do we have any clue what's going on?
To show that the only ones capable of liking her are mindless creatures.
They saw one of their kin.

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