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are people still mad at best girl?
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>Girl so fucking absolutely awful she required help from the writers to win
>best anything
How is she anything other than worst girl?
Do people purposely make the most stupid replies possibles for ironic's sake or they are actually stupid?

Also Code Geass thread.
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10 years later and i still hear it as geese
R3 episode 1 comes out 10 21 2017
A watershed moment of /a/. The peak of shitposting

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>161077244
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Selesia Upitiria ref.jpg
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Something lewd of Selesia Upitiria.
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space invaders anime edition.png
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Requesting a STMC grunt asking other anime aliens to attack Earth only to get ignored/blown off. Duly note a STMC grunt is 50 meters (Godzilla's regular height) while the rest of these things clock in around 20.

Or draw monster girls of all of them.
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Requesting this with Yuuna and Tougou from Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru.

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Look at this retard
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wow shes cute
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Is this a new species of cockroaches?

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are you guys aware that this is a slice of life anime? it's from 1999
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80% of nu/a/ hasn't seen anything that aired before 2007 except for <10 big titles. So no, they're not aware.
First off, that is a harem anime. Second off, what is the point of this thread?
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>Childhood was siding with Tyson when Kai, Max and Ray left

>Adulthood was realizing the latter were in the right

Also Beyblade Thread
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post best girl
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On the double
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She was a bitch but I still liked her

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So do the movies suck or what?
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1.0 is fine
2.0 is awesome
3.0 has its ups and downs
1 is good.
2 is good, but they shitted up EVA 03 carnage scene with retarded kiddy music. I don't even know why people like that soundtrack dissonance shit, the point of the scene was to be completely horrific and remember someone was feeling all the shit through, the kiddy music distracts you and makes you thing "gee, it's so sad" but distances you from what's going on.

Fuck Annus, he's a fucking hack. and 3.0 sucks.
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>retarded kiddy music

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MAPPA opened a specific recruitment page for working on Ikuhara's new project.

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>post YOI Mappa
I can only begin to imagine how gay this will be
Oh fuck OH FUCK
who cares

never made a good anime

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What went wrong
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Your thread, right now.
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Do you like anime feet?
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What's not to like?
No, 90% of them look like claws
I want them to step on me.

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I'll break your neck, encase you in cement, and pimp you out for rent.
Sorry but I love Rem.
Things that Subaru could hae done better :

-Asked for a better reward other than working as a servant at the mansion, since it would have given him a better backup plan other than "totally dependant on Roswaal for everything including living expenses"

-Asked Beatrice for help with the curse once he realised he was getting killed by one, instead of spending another loop trying to handle it on his own

-Done more magic training (manga shows him only trying to learn it for a while)

-Not gone to the fucking palace and candidate selection

-Once he figured out that the witch cult was gonna attack, he should have gotten Rem to warn the people back home and prepare defences (rather than rushing back and getting either of them killed)

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So, who else on /a/ prefers vegetables (especially carrots and cauliflower) over rice?
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reminder that faulconer is a hack
Prefer it to what?
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I'll take rice. ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

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>That perfect body
Am I right thinking she is best girl?
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>no nipples
who likes bones are the dogs
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You dont know me. But i used to post here in 2013 all the time. As soon soon as i create a comic that even the nips read, ill return. But that is literally 15 years from now. Wish me luck /a/!

And in case you are wondering why i cant post, Im afraid mangaka really dont have the time to watch 7 shows a season.
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If you think you can create something with the quality of V.G. and make me forget NEO, then I wish you godspeed.
Good luck senpai! Make us proud!

Mechanically it's a typical early all girl fighter...janky

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Why is this dumb shit allowed?
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Go back to /co/. This here is a fish-friendly board.

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