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Has your waifu ever been naked?
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I would be uncomfortable around somebody who was canonically never naked. While there are some conceivable reasons for why that might be (magically brought into existence, with clothes already on; also immune to dirt and doesn't need to wash herself) it's still weird.
My waifu washes herself, so yeah, of course.
My waifu kissed an underage boy promised to take his virginity.

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simple enough
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Umaru has nothing on this
Youre favourite girl.

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>A spoiled fratboy groomed from birth to rule the ascendant kingdom of Macedon
>Tutored by the finest teachers of the land like Aristotle
>Conquered a declining Persian Empire already on the verge of collapse
>Spent all his time running his army across the world while other people did the hard job of ruling
>Everybody hated him, from Macedonian nobles to his own soldiers
>Finally get tired of his shit and mutiny when he tries to invade India
>All the warlords he left in charge immediately breakup his empire before his body even gets back to Macedon
>Somehow becomes the King of Conquerors when Altera exists in the same setting

Someone remind me why this guy is considered some kind of role model for all kings?
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>>All the warlords he left in charge immediately breakup his empire before his body even gets back to Macedon
At his orders.

So they claim.
The man was so in love with himself that he kept scribes around him at all times to write down everything he said. We can be reasonably sure that he ordered it.

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Consider the following:
The UA and Overhaul traitors are separate. Nighteye is the Overhaul traitor, and the entire raid is all just part of his plan to convince Izumi that he's unworthy of OfA and that he should give it to Mirio.
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>emoji retard
Fuck off.
Kill yourself.
dumb phoneposter

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Last thread Hit the cap and died.
There is still much to talk about tho.
Let us continue.
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>There is still much to talk about tho.
Then why don't you put some of that into the OP? It sounds like you just want to keep discussion alive, topic or no topic.
Boku No Hero Academia has Jobber Villains that get oneshot in the same arc that they've been introduced in.

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Tfw there's nothing as perfect as her
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i agree but shinks is a good contender
Your deduction is wrong
That episode changed my view of her, it's kinda adorable how she's just being a playful fuck in her chuuni mode while keeping the calm and refined nature behind the scenes.

I hope she's going to have a scene in the upcoming movie where she's in the "normal mode". Or at least have the hair untied, looks so goddamn gorgeous.

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Will Yu-Gi-Oh ever reach the level of the first half of 5D's again? That seems to be the highest point of YuGiOh in terms of plot, characters, music and just... everything. VRAINS isn't bad but it's not doing it for me.
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Also, Hopeless Battle is still my favorite battle theme by far.


Love the tragic feel of it and it fits the scenes so well, something the other YuGiOhs don't have.
I mean I think the standard arc of Arc-V is just as good as the first half of 5Ds
I think the first half of 5Ds while good is a bit overrated. I mean the Dark Signers clearly had a lot of behind the scenes production issues going on with the Yliaster occult stuff being changed, Divine serving a lesser purpose, shoehorning Rex into the villain role, the spirit world crap and the monkey Dark Signer who was just there to be there (no proper backstory or character development) to name a few of the issues the arc had.

I think nostalgia blinds a lot of people since 5Ds was almost 10 years ago but if you watch it now you can see the flaws I'm talking about.

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No thread? New chapter's out
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dump it

We already had one. It might still be up, can't be arsed to look.
Man I love this manga. /a/ has shit taste as usual

Can't find it in the archives.

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ITT: The first doujin you ever fapped to.
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Good times, and good faps.
I don't remember the name, but it's an incest doujin. One chapter had the mother in a bunny suit, another had her get hired at a store where the store owner took advantage of her stupidity, another one had the guy fucking his cousin.
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teen mom mangareader.jpg
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Is anyone else reading this now that Spotted Flower has shit the bed?
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>japanese teen pregnant
this smeels like Abe
do you get to see how she gets pregnant? Then I will pick it up
>shit the bed
I think you mean become the best manga in recent memory, otokonoko sex > pregnant wife sex.

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this is a best girl thread, only the best girls within the best can be posted here.
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The bestest

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thoughts on this movie?

Friend dragged me to it, don't watch anime myself, was good enough 8/10, thinking about getting into the show, thoughts on it?

Also, your thoughts on the movie if y'all seen it
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>Friend dragged me to it, don't watch anime myself
Fuck off and kill yourself, newfags and normalfags are not allowed on /a/. Check my digits first, though.
i'm trying to get into anime faggot
Okay? I don't give a shit. Do so elsewhere, newfags and normalfags are not welcome on /a/.

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He's worthy of it, question is whether or not he'd need it.
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Daily dose.
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Duly noted.
I guess this is boring because nobody makes Threads of those releases.
Just ran through everything that's out so far.

How interested in gay dudes is this chick?

Surely you wouldn't make Nanachi suffer right?
you know what must be done
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Pat her head?
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Ok anons calm your dicks, last thread got nuked, I think I have seem worse, but well its likely
it offended someone
Or maybe because it started with a /co/ image.

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