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Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... and my arm... even my fingers. The magic I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past.
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akko/lotte first fuck you dianafags
MGSV was a huge let down.
>MGSV was a huge let down.
Just like little witch

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What's your favorite "cute girls doing cute things" anime?
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Not K-On!
wrong board homo >>>/wsr/

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Where was child services and why was this child not removed from his legal guardian's custody?
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>older brother owns a multi-billion transnational corporation
>previous owner, his stepfather, committed "suicide" after said older brother bought him out in a hostile company takeover

Yeah I really want to be the guy that fucks with him. Only people with magical shit and/or rich as fuck people touch Mokuba, because everyone else has nothing to save their asses from his wrath.

*his brother's
So are you saying all rich households with maids and bodyguards should have all their children taken away because they don't have to raise a child with all the money that they're making?

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Are you guys watching Erza Scarlett's movie tonight, /a/?
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>Fairy Tail
This is an 18+ website.
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>not knowing best Fairy Tail guild girl

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Did the manga get axed? I really didn't understand the ending, could someone explain it to me?
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Whats not to understand? They continue their lives and shit.
Yeah but what about the cheating, and why did they break up? and like a million things that just feel unresolved...
To be honest, its been years since I last read the final chapter and the series itself but the general feelings for me at least, having an iron clad resolution on every little stuff on relationship would just made them worse. I'm an open ending guy ending maybe for stories on romance and growing up.

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Yet another Monogatari thread
Since the last 15 died, this is the continuation of the chain. Post spook, snail or bat, crabfags not welcome.
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>crabfags not welcome
Now this is my kind of thread.
spoogy ougi best grrl
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Doll is for _____sex_____

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Berserk Thread
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why would you save a thumbnail
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Is Yun a good housewife?
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>Is Yun [...] good?

best housewife material ranking

1. Yun
2. Rin
3. Hifumi
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Literally who was the target audience for this sequence?

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We all Have one scene that can break you, lets see them.

Side note how come comedy series make some of the most heart wrenching scenes.
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Didnt make me cry, but Jeanne probably portrayed some realistic crying. Just a real emotional moment.
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>my emperor is back

now those are ranking I can get behind, even with Kirito on it
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>Mordred is finally close to chichue

he must be pretty happy
now they are shilling for Fate?
>it's a conspiracy

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Was the last episode filler? It felt like filler.
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Is it already known how much filler there will be until it picks up again?
It was only this one episode. The next episode is back to manga stuff.

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>Jojo doesn't have power cree-
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>Jotaro has a time stopping stand with supersonic speed and ridiculous strength
>His daughter's stand can make some string


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gomen gomen
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What an original thread.
why not Kanbaru?
Why is nature so moe?

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What's so good about characters like these?
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Why is Jack's ass so fat?
I think while she formed from the resentment of aborted children, her ass formed from the hopelessness of thousands of unmarried grown women.

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>absurdist and over-the-top reaction faces: the anime
This anime suck balls, it's good for memes and funny faces
Which is pretty much the reaction I said just above.

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