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Watched for the Shinto lore, stayed for the hikki x robot.
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This show was pretty progressive
Everything about the progress was great, until the final episode which was just so abrupt and anti-climatic. Really lives up to the SHAFT brand.
I thought the show as a whole was pretty random. At first its mostly comedy and staving off gods doing random shit, then you get the mom paralyzing her and trying to get her pregnant, then its time travel and finally ends with dick girl.
I overall liked it though. It has that comedic feel that Shaft does that I enjoy, similar to Arakawa and Soredemo

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>MC learns a new powerful attack mid-battle
>it doesn't work, and they die anyway
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>Character uses an extremely powerful ability
>They die immediately after
>Main character gains a new form
>Its does absolutely nothing
death flag has the mc of the story learn how to limit break in the middle of the fight and still lose to the protagonist, a reoccurring side boss

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ange x beatrice 03.jpg
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How much Beato bulling is too much?
I imagine it feels really good, but I'm not a girl so idk.
Like I'm watching two girls I'd fuck having sex without me.

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I think i haven't watched Yugioh to completion. The last thing i recall clearly was Yugi losing after using the Seal of Orichalcos. I watched it on tv.
Should i watch it from there (ep 158) or rewatch it all? I watched it dubbed on tv back in the day. I know 4shit censored a lot, but the voices of Yugi and Kaiba are very nostalgic.
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Was losing a card game really worth losing your soul over?
Such a dick. Yugi even told him not to do it, and later pushed him out of the way.
Fucking (((pharaoh)))
Oh you DEFINITELY need to watch it subbed from the beginning, trust me, it's worth it.

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Monday is for Megumin!
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do this like this sort of girl?
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Would you cook for Megumin?

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So what are you expecting for the next chapter? More flashbacks from BRA pov or present Marley?
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Descriptions which have been used officially for Erwin and Levi:

Confidant (Right hand man)/ ?? (SnK Ch. 61)
Something Important/ ????? (SnK Ch. 90)
Personal Feelings/ ?? (Snk Ch. 84, 85 & 90)
Comrades/ ?? (2017 TV Magazine)
Lord and Servant/ ?? (2016 Fans Book - Answer)
(To follow Erwin is Levi’s) Instinct and Character/ ????? (2016 Fans Book - Answer)
Boss and Body Guard/ ?????? (2016 Fans Book - Answer)
Mutual and Equal Relationship/ ????? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
Irreplaceable Existence/ ????????? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
Absolute Trust and Lord like existence/ ?????????????? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
Friends/ ? (2017 Fans Book - Character Directory)
(Levi is Erwin’s) Flesh and Blood/ ????????????????????????????? (2015 SnK Movie Booklet/ by Voice Action of Erwin: Ono Daisuke)
Deep Trust & Tight Bond/ ???????? (2015 Relationship Diagram from Monthly SnK Vol. Levi & Vol. Erwin)

Reminder that ErwL is canon.
Marley Fest. I want to see them eating ramen, catching goldfishes and then Eren being the killer party.
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>Let me do this pointlessly evil action just so I can demonstrate how EVIL I am!
Most people in her position would just say "no fuck off, take the money we agreed on."
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New hotness.

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Are you excited for Zoku-Owarimonogtari, anons?
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I'm marrying Shinobu, that's it
The more Monogatari the better
announcement when.

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It's not just Meteora. Fucking everyone in this series fillibusters their feelings every time they're onscreen.

I wanted to like this series but goddamn
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It's only bad if you go into it with high expectations. People don't like it cause they go into it expecting it to be Fate/Zero.

I went into it thinking it was going to be cringy self-insert fanservice shit with the irl writers constantly patting themselves on the back by making the creators Mary Sues...
So basically it was better than I thought it was going to be and I was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe if there's ever a new series they'll cover that by using some character from the silent/music-only era of animation.
It's because there wasn't any action for the past 8 weeks. People talk when they don't fight

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She is literally perfect.
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>You will never rub Gabes back making her moan
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My perfect Gabu
Her personality isn't.

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Next chapter when? I miss reading about naked drunks men.
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On break this month
>get a filler chapter
It hurts
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a best.png
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Ah damn, I was expecting this.
It takes advantage of the very popular Granblue?

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Wanna come inside, anon?
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all 3? sure
>come inside
That depends on if it's her safe day or not.
n-no, gotta go

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What anime is this cute girl from?
That's a big margin.

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>Seriously, Euphemia, anyone would have to follow my commands! Like if I told you, oh, I dunno, Kill The Japanese...
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That sounds like a stupid command. Why would you want that? Aren't you fighting for Japanese liberty?
Is this all just a game to you?
Jeez Lelouch, you are so silly. Why would you say these particular words in this situation?
Uhhhh seemed like a good idea at the time?

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>subs for the OP/ED are in romaji

Why the FUCK do people do this?
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Karaoke no tame kara, anta baka
So at least you can sing along, I guess. It's shit but better than nothing.
Jap + romaji + actual translation a best.
>doesn't even sub the OP/ED at all
people pay for this shit

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