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gohan god of destruction.jpg
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Pan Chan, Videl San !
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Gohan's rage is building after seeing Obni's pendant. He will have a massive rage boost that will push him past every fighter
Goku will replace Whis
Vegeta will replace Beerus
Gohan will replace Zeno
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Magical girl_DBS.gif
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Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

Who is best boy and why?
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It's Aoyama, because he is sparkling.
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How would you bully Todoroki?
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aut jeans.jpg
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Impossible to choose.

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Is Silva any stronger than Ging?
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We don't really know ging powers tho, from what we saw i'd say they're even

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CC is a cat!
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Won't stop me from fucking like rabbits with her.
What do CC and cats have in common?
They both love anal sex!

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Urusei Yatsura.jpg
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I keep seeing clips of this anime when finding new music and I'm wondering if this show is worth watching for the soundtrack alone
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stop listening to future funk
There's no slowed down 80s japanese jazz fusion or city pop anywhere in urusei yatsura.
Stop listening to shitty broporwave artists and listen to the source material they're slowing down instead.
The manga is better.
But it's overall a lot of fun. And no, no future funk to be heard there.

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What was her intention here?
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She wanted Rize to cuddle her because she's a lesbian.
But she was talking to Cocoa. Not a very faithful lesbian, though I can't blame her.
I actually checked after posting but was too lazy to correct it. I guess I have to rewatch gochiusa.

Why are lolis afraid of doges?
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Are they?
Isn't she a wolf, herself?
doges dick are big if you are small
She's a bitch.

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Talk about scenes that are hard to watch. Make you sad, angry, uncomfortable, whatever.

Pic related. Hanekawa is my favorite character, and the aftermath of this scene was hard to watch. This gentle, kind-hearted girl was treated like shit by her unloving parents. Araragi was her only friend. She discovered that he was a vampire, he saved her life, she becomes convinced that she's been pulled into a whirlwind supernatural romance straight out of a trashy novel and falls head-over-heels for Araragi. Then, in this deeply emotional moment for the both of them, Araragi has her half-naked, on the floor, she is absolutely ready to give herself to him. Then he friendzones her at the last minute. Not only that, but the first thing she says afterwards is asking him if he rejected her because she's ugly. And after all THAT, after pretending everything is fine while secretly crushing on him, she gets cucked by a crab. I feel so bad for her.
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nice blog faggot
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"It'd be like if I told you to kill all Japanese."

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Thoughts on young Bulma?
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I want to fuck young Bulma.
Whore just like her mother.
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I've wanted to squeeze that ass since I was 15.

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What exactly makes black haired girls with red eyes and a decent chest size so best?
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>black haired
Pic not related?
The fuck you talking about?
File: 1470012661134.png (2MB, 1686x1946px)Image search: [Google]
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because those are all hallmarks of massive sluts

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Just suffered through this. The writing was cringeworthy. Especially in the first half. The second half they got the right idea to focus on mobile suit fights. Char's Counterattack had better animation. At least it wasn't as bad as 08th MShit Team.
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>At least it wasn't as bad as 08th MShit Team.
At least you understand that. Watching 08th MS Team actually boosted my appreciation of 0083.
Being better than a show whose director died in the middle isn't really an accomplishment worth appreciating.
The first episode is sooo good, I want to go paintballing in a Zaku so bad.

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"Dai __ uchuu shoumetsu de gozaimasu!"
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son goku is beautiful poster is a bot
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el gran padre.jpg
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Post yfw Universe 7's Son Goku has dropped out
Son Gohan is not crash

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/a/ rhymes with Rei
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Rei rhymes with gay too, faggot.
File: Rei.png (2MB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1080x1920px
>Liking this
>Being a faggot

Choose one.
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hei drinking.png
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it also rhymes with Hei

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Not gay.webm
1MB, 640x360px
Roller is not gay.
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confused Rin.png
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>no idle in the op
I haven't even seen Aikatsu but the name "roller" still makes me laugh
Mouse over it.

Please no waifu shipping wars
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You ask for impossible.
Why did SP made Inojin literally the opposite of what he was in chapter 700 and the movie? He was supposed to be the most kind and gentle kid in the class, yet they just turned him into early Sai. Did they think they need more asshole characters?
I just want to know why he doesn't use any of the Yamanaka abilities.

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