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This makes me want to watch Lucky Star.
Is there any yuri in it?
Should I watch Lucky Star?
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No thank god
>Is there any yuri in it?
>Should I watch Lucky Star?
>Should I watch Lucky Star
You'll know very quickly into the first episode whether you actually want to follow through and finish the series, so just watch the first episode. It's actually what cemented my habit of watching anime into what it is now.

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Volume translation is out.
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I really like how my new waifu Odin impaled in a wall that bitch of Aine with her spear.
Is the MC still an incestuous virgin?
Did MC fuck or do lewd things to in this volume?

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>Characters have a nightmarishly traumatizing childhood
>Become perfectly functional adults

>Characters are slightly spoiled
>Become complete asshats
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This is true in many cases. Only the weak ones break.
>This is true in many cases.
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I don't know Akainu seems to have had a tough childhood, growing up as what appears to be a street urchin.

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What's the biggest harem in anime/manga history?
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Solomon, from the anime Superbook.
Not harem, he has only one waifu.

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Do you actually love tsunderes?
Who is your favorite underrated tsunderes?
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Kill yourself.
>physical abuse
Those are the bad tsunderes
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My wife is tsundere. What do you think?

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Shino back up.jpg
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>OP by Alvin and the Chipmunks
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>end credits roll while a scene is still playing

What is the Evangelion of the harem genre?
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The world god only knows.
Not monogatari since monogatari is actually enjoyable to watch.
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I beg to differ, both Evangelion and Monogatari are enjoyable to watch.

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Why did Megumin get the shaft so much in the last eps?
She's too good to not be used in dungeons.
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High risk of cave-ins.
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With used you mean raped after using her explosion spell, right?

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new dbs characters.jpg
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>the dwarf's name is Sidra
>he's from Universe 9
>he'll likely be the first one to have his universe erased
>the kaioshin next to the Clown is named Kai and is from Universe 11
>the Clown, Harley and Captain Ayy Lmao are also from Universe 11
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cute gods.png
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Will he be a Stephen King inspired character? Or more like gore screaming show.
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Leave Broly (female) to me.
>Joker GoD
>Harley Quinn Angel
>Batman Kaioshin
>Superman? Ace Fighter

Man they ain't even hiding this shit.

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This is Nishijou Takumi, say something nice about him
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He burns nicely.
Oh, the irony.

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6 episodes in and this is pretty comfy, Goto best boy.
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>6 episodes in and this is pretty comfy
Assuming you haven't been spoiled
Leave now and watch the next couple of episodes
Come back and tell us your reaction
Oh hell yeah. You sir are in for a ride. Don't drop it around the middle part though, that would be a mistake.
6 episodes huh and you decided to make this thread huh
about how comfy it is eh
How very convenient...

>Shinji, the reason we don't want you to pilot an Eva is because we believe that it may trigger another impact event
>That's not the real Ayanami, Shinji, its a clone.
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Literally everything she had to say
What the fuck, Anno? Does he really think he can write shit and get away with it because he wants an hour of homo piano scenes?
>Shinji, I was wrong. Don't pull out the spears
>Fuck you Kaworu, I'm going to do it anyway
Just think of how much tragedy could have been avoided if anyone of them had just told him what was going on. I don't blame him for leaving
"Fourteen years" and they're still making the same stupid mistakes.

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May Kami-sama have mercy on our waifus' souls, for Content Aware Satan won't.
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>Sharp corner shaped boobs
I've seen everything.
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Say something nice about Viral!
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He will never have childrens.
His mecha had a nice helmet.
Ryoma Nagare punched him in Z2.

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Here comes my wife Haruko. Say something nice to her!
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Oh dead, you've pissed her off.

You deserved it, I guess.

Worth it

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