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Was she let in as part of a diversity quota?
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No, she just bought her way in.

her parents did atleast.
No, it was because the school is broke and they started letting non-magical people in as long as they paid

Did you even watch the show?
This but the reason why they had to allow people from a non-magical bloodline is the declining number of students they have every year thus the school is losing more money than earning it.

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Soon what?

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I don't know whether /a/ cares too much about iconic Japanese illustrators, but Osamu Harada has passed away.
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I've literally never heard of him, is this bad? Give us an outline.

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What's /a/ opinion about manwa?
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Art is usually way inferior and the few ones that have good art have awful stories and panel use, but i do appreciate how in most of them they just straight up fuck.

I find manwa plots more interesting than most manga.

But the execution is usually generic.
I've never seen a good one, but then again I've never really looked.
If you include Webtoons there are a handfull of good ones I've found mixed in with some of the worst works of art ever made.

This is the friendship that will take down Diana.
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Why is Diana so shit? She ruined LWA.
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I want to take down Diana if you know what I mean

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Just finished the first episode.

What the fuck is wrong with Morishima? Playing MC like that
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Ayatsuji is best girl.
Nothing, she's busy being best girl
kaoru the worst hair girl

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Penis talk.
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What the fuck even is this series.

You think its going to be a standard revenge plot, but then it throws that out the window goes meta and introduces some bitch obsessed with making movies so she tries to rekindle the revenge plot, but Fire Punch suddenly decides he wants to free the slaves and becomes Jesus then he flies to space and burns an entire city to the ground and turns into Jesus. Big boobies foriegn woman and half-naked guy show up and kill shit then Pire Funch meets the "ice witch" but its not the ice witch its one of the orignal people who still have some of the powers because apparently all the past humans that weren't shit fucked off to space to escape the new ice age and left them behind and she wants to make a huge tree that kills everyone and reheats the world and restarts the entire evolutionary process just because she wants to watch fucking Star Wars again. Meanwhile that chick is mentally a tranny that wants to know what its like to stroke her own dick, but can't get any gender reassignment surgery because she's just regenerate it.

What the fuck am I reading? I can only assume the author is deliberately going off the rails and trying to make it as unformulaic as possible.
Fire Punch is a masterpiece in the making.
We kino LGBT now.

Betting it will end into a movie argument to stop the destruction of the Earth.

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you made usagi akko cry.

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Dumb witch.
Sorry Akko.

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Name a worse anime airing right now. Protip: You can't
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Both are better than Iron Blooded Failure

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What's up with that joint?
does she got a vagoo

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What's the verdict?
I think this had pretty good first chapter. At least if you compare it to usual new Jump series.
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>adults are eeeeeevil
It's shit. Looks like what a ten years old would think of as a good gritty action series.
Doesn't matter. Will be cancelled in two months.
Meh introduction
will read until it gets axed at 30 chapters.


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>it's made by the Japanese
>it's in Japanese
>it's set in Japan
>it's intended for Japanese audiences
>let's make every character white

Justify this???
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Check these numbers.
The Elevens view anime characters as looking very Japanese and tend to get confused whenever they hear people in the west go "Why do anime characters seem white?"

The design of most anime characters are vague enough that people of different cultures can project onto it. Much like if you draw a stick person and show it to an asian, they'll think it's asian. But if you show it to an american they'll think it's american.

I think that once you watch enough anime you'll start viewing it as Japanese looking.
>a stick person
no american is that delusional

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Are you ready for the wet pantsus?
I'm still waiting for the Producer of CG sipnoff
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>SideM gets an anime before Million Live
It's over, 765PRO is finished.
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I like Idol shows.

I do not like male idol shows.
I don't like this.

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How desperate can you get?
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Eat and puke.
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