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Pokemon plus Yugioh

If this were in the world, you would watch it or not?
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No, pokemon special is shit.

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Koimonogatari means Lovestory
Kaiki and Hitagi sing about love in the very romantic opening.
Hitagi goes on secret meetings with Kaiki, talks with him every night on the phone, flirts with him. They discuss her relationship with Araragi and her underwear. She told him that without their conversations she will feel lonely and she wants to meet him one more time.
Gaen, Ononoki and Hanekawa know about it. Araragi knows nothing.
He wants to marry Hitagi in Musubi but still doesn't know anything about Kaiki.

Koimonogatari? More like HowtocuckAraragimonogatari.
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Actually they just walked home together
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>More like HowtocuckAraragimonogatari

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Pic related
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>used goods
This manga felt forced
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Seriously, where do you buy official raw/subbed anime? The BD/DVD business is fuckingly atrociously unorganized, at first I thought I could use Amazon, but then I realized most Amazon sellers are random nobodies who sell used products, and the few official Amazon sellers like the producers of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, offer a fucking streaming service.
Animation studios see no potential in the rest of the world, despite having thousands of possible costumers?
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amiami or amazon.jp
just overlay fansubs or learn nip

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You called?
Key fields:
Quantum theory
Pocket reality
Time synchronization
Subjective time
Subjective reality
Schrodinger’s cat
Nikola Tesla’s World System
New World System
Prison of time
Mutual Recognition

1 Why were they still able to communicate and be seen by normal people before the list was discovered/ the 256 were identified? To check? Ambiguous?
2 Why was Myu hair cut once she realized her own hair was inside the box?
3 Is the bar manager on the 256 list, or was he exposed to Scandium? Exposed

Before the 256 incident they were alive. (No shit Sherlock)
Dead humans unexposed to Scandium don’t get in this pseudo spirit world.
Humans exposed to Scandium can see dead humans previously exposed to Scandium.
Zonko would have preferred GY didn’t found out about him being on the list.
earth Accumulators
Copper and magnetic space station
Wireless lightning gun
Charge electricity with something specific to guide transmission
Wave length and return
Waves frequencies tuned specifically
Faster than time
Relativity theory
Rewind Time

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>Wasting Akatsuki's funds just to dress his doll up
Why did Pain approve of this? I know Kakuzu wouldn't have.
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I don't get it

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What did they see?
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Probably a soiled pad or soiled panties. Periods are nasty things.
Normal panties. What horrified them was the feeling of guilt.
What's that?

> He's a Speed D. Reader but calls the manga shit when he can't comprehend the plot
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Who are you quoting?
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One Piece is actually shit though.

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Gulp ;_;
Why is loli crying?
MC abandon her.

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Is there any character that could defeat Umaru in a fight?
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Her replacement.
No thanks, I'd rather have the superior, original version
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I will abuse her

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What is the best anime and why is it boku

> implying you don't know what boku is
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That's not Battletoads.

Do it

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Yotsuba is a good manga.
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Since mods ban people sexualizing yotsuba its popularity is severly diminished on 4chan.

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How would you describe her personality?

she's unlike anything I've ever seen
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Misantrophic, manipulative, selfish, intelligent and ironic

or perfect as already pointed out

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Gochiusa spin-off announced
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>no sharo
prostitutes? in my anime???????
For those confused, OP is talking about an upcoming VN called Shugaten that's not related to GochiUsa but is probably visually inspired by it. It's coming out next week (only in Japanese of course). Here is the OP: https://youtu.be/xiWzxK6W0Uc

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So why do universes need gods of destructions when their accompanying angels could do the same, are more responsible and far more powerful ? Why need for gods of destruction ?
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Because nobody has put two seconds of thought into DBS.
Because then who would control the angels?
Because that way you can give all power to the second strongest guy while keeping the strongest guy to babysit and control the guy with the power yet being limited in what he can do himself.
This way you just divided power between literal power and what you can actually do.
Do you really want to give absolute power to just one guy?

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