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Why anime looks like shit now?
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I really hope you're not implying that looks good, OP.
sup otaking
4;3 SD DVD Anime looks absolutely gorgeous on my 36" CRT I was surprised really makes me wonder why the fuck everybody was caught up on the HD meme.

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Can this idol be fixed?
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you managed to made her even worse!
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>tfw no one has noticed that I also tanned Ruby in the background

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Will this be the greatest Dragon Ball Arc?
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who cares they got rid of bruce faulconer the series is shit now
>Muricans unironiallcy like the inferior soundtrack

It has potential, but I'm worried they'll waste it.

Oh no, the soundtrack isn't constantly blaring every five seconds.

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>So many great and well loved manga out there, that don't have adaptations.
>Fuck it, we are only making sequels, LN, VN adaptations, Isekai and moeshit.
Those fuckers are never gonna find oil, if they always play it safe and dont even try to dig.
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>Great manga
>Battle Royale
>Liar Game
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Cry more, faggot.

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It looks like we won't be friends together.

No Resets, Ms. Aya-chan.
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More semen demon Mana is always good.
>damn they're huge


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He leads a life of suffering.
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I want Pig to see my dick
Pig is going for the thighs

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Gunnm is the goat manga.

Prove me wrong.

pro-tip: you may try but you can't succeed
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Shit rushed ending retconned into shit tournament arc
the begginning is goat at least
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REAL is better.

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What am I in for?
Does it have good waifu material?
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Tears, lots and lots of tears.
never forget
>What am I in for?
You're in for insanity. The only thing I can sort of compare it to is FLCL.

>Does it have good waifu material?
If you want a waifu with significant screentime, no, only 1 I can think of. You'll probably enjoy the bros more before the hoes. If you don't mind your waifus looking [insert artribute] and doing [insert artribute] stuff here and there in each episode, then you have some very solid material.

>[HorribleSubs] Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu - 06 [720p]
It's here.

Long riders refugees welcome
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More Korone today.
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And more Ojou.
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disappointing episode this week, too many minor QUALITY misses, and why is there loud background music behind scenes where characters are speaking quietly?

Also, best girl with the most experience can't figure out how to clip in? Wat.

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I will post this whenever i fell like until you love Clannad.
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Too late, it's already my favorite.
cute loli

Is there a single time when this shit improved anything instead of making a girl look worse?
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But CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT always improves the girl, anon.
Every single time.
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Yeah, pic related.

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what is more anime that is disturbing but realistic
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boku no pico
Have you tried Battletoads? Also, Bible Black.

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Shit on this movie. What did it do wrong/bad?
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The pacing was painfully slow. There was no reason it needed to be a three-hour movie, and I say that as someone who really enjoys it and rewatches it periodically.
overbearing exposition.

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If each board on 4chan were an anime, what anime would they be? Some ideas:

/co/: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
/v/: New Game!
/his/: Legend of the Galactic Heroes
/mu/: Detroit Metal City
/r9k/: Welcome to the NHK
/lit/: Anne of Green Gables
/ck/: Food Wars
/int/: Sora no Woto
/u/: Revolutionary Girl Utena
/y/: Yuri on Ice
/o/: Initial D
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/pol/ would have to be watamote.
>/u/: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Pretty much everytime. Unless you'e going to be a newfag about it.

>/lit/: Anne of Green Gables
That's a really nice choice.
/l/: Illya
/sm/: Boku no Piku

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P.A. Works's Masterpiece
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Nice try.
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