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So I just finished reading all 144 chapters of this shit and I don't understand why Tokyo Ghoul is so popular.

Not only was nothing explained properly, all of the events happening felt like they served no purpose.

I couldn't tell who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. The "villains" motives were the biggest mystery of all and they were never explained.

Not only that but many of the main characters were just killed off without accomplishing anything.

This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's like some Bleach level storytelling.

8.7 rating my ass even the art was hard to follow at times. I saw myself skipping most of the fight panels because they looked so bad.
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Thank you for your review
I see
Kanekis mum is the main villian

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What makes a character design good and memorable?
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My dick.
Being done by Mikimoto Haruhiko
The heart.

Why are onee-chans always so best?
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>choker, meaning submissive
They just are.
She's a slave of her addiction to her otouto, duh.

Quick, say something!
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It's true, bitch.
Yes you are, but Ruru is cuter

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Am I the only one who really liked this series?
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No, I also enjoyed the LN comedy with an MC that wasn't a raging faggot or an "ebin pervert" like that faggot from DxD. Sporty girl best girl.
Spats most erotic and bestest girl forever. Sperg glasses a shit.
Came for /sci/, stayed for /sp/. Both were sexy as fuck.

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So this is airing next season.

Does this series still matter? I feel like it's been dead since 2015. The manga has been utter shit. The live action movie was terrible. The middle school spin-off was a shameless cash grab. And season 2 has been delayed so many times I feel most people don't care anymore. There's like no hype for this at all.
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SNK has been best selling manga for years now. Everyone cares, but /a/ isn't everyone.
When new episodes are available people will start caring again. Trust me
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I wish I had some projector images to post

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>Yayoi is still the sexiest idol

How does she do it?
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Yayoi is the best idol.

Not even jocking, and I'm not her fan, shit is just what it is.

Yayoi is cute and a good idol.
Yayoi is much more cute than sexy.

Mami, now Mami is sexy.

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How will you and your waifu celebrate valentine's day?
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In a hospital room.

I have 20,000 words to write on that day, after which I'm going to see 50 Shades Darker to torture myself.
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Molester Man.jpg .jpg
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>50 Shades Darker to torture myself.
I wouldn't eve see that to torture myself. It's not even good torture
Instead I'd say good torture is what I'm doing right now, Reading Onani Master Kurosaswa, Molester Man and Train Man for the first time ever, and I'll most likely be reading romance manga on backlog for the entirety of this month
tfw captcha says to select all squares that match the label train

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I dunno, now that they can afford to buy outside IP their future looks bright.
Their last 3 works(Hibike 2, Koe no Katachi, currently Maidragon) have been pretty solid. Phantom World was a turd, but whatever helps them snatch outside IP.
Yeah, they should be animating sci-fi action anime, shouldn't they? That's the only good sort of anime anyway.
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Give season 2 please.

I was somewhat spoiled about pic related being a bad person so now I can't enjoy this anime as much as I'd like
but I might have misunderstood or what I've read might have been false
is pic related really a bad person?
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She has daddy issues.
I don't really see why anyone would say that about Asuka
No, she's just anti-bullshit drama.

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one time at skate camp.jpg
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This is your DJ for tonight.
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>Don't Stop The Music
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juqovanni030 on twitter.jpg
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So I watched this show, and it was quite good. I don't get the hate that this show gets.
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No Yin.
Ending is literally SHIT.
>No Yin.
I watched the OVA first, so her not being here was understandable.
>Ending is literally SHIT.
Yeah it was a little rushed (one more episode would have been nice), but it wasn't that bad,
At first I didn't like the idea of another character taking the spotlight. But then I grew to like Suou and the mentor/student dynamic that she had with Hei.
Then the ending came along and utterly shit all over her and her development. The memory loss was bullshit but then they took it a step further and sent her packing to some fantasy land for no reason. I haven't watched this in ages so I can't truly get into the details but there is a reason why denying the existence of season 2 is a meme here.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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File: mpv-shot0035 (4).jpg (91KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
mpv-shot0035 (4).jpg
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>no beautiful goddess to play vidya with
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>they mated
I want to molest Inari
You always forget the good shows. I'd put this up there with Mushishi. Not for the same reasons obviously but for how good they are.

Why would anybody be attracted to short hair 2D girls?
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Because they're cute.
Short is better.
Short hair is objectively superior to long hair. Shoulder-length is the maximum allowable.

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