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Why do anime girls never catch a cold? Can someone solve this mystery?
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Plenty of protein drinks.
Superior genes.
Have you watched a single anime in your life

complaining about potential colds is like, half of all small talk dialogue

the 'visiting direly ill friend with a cold' is one step below 'beach episode'

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I recently watched both seasons of Code Geass in preparation of season 3 and after finishing it I noticed there's an abundance of extra material. I already watched the picture dramas and I quite liked them as they gave some extra depth to some of the characters and easily could have been incorporated into the main series. Then I tried one of the Akito the Exiled ovas but I didn't make it more than 5 minutes due to 3dcg knightmares, wich leads me to my question:
What extra material is worth watching and what is essential to watch?

Also Kallen best girl
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>what is essential to watch
Probably just R1 and R2, I don't think Akito was canon and Nunally in Wonderland obviously doesn't matter

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What was the full extent of the meaning behind Netero's final words? Can someone explain this to me?
"Mankind's bottomless potential for malice(evolution)"
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Humans get really really pissed.

This also means they can become stronger, exactly what Gon does during that arc.
Ants should never underestimate how depraved humanity could be, which is why King had no idea a mini-nuke was coming
Get rekt, kid.

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>The official website of the Berserk television anime revealed the staff, cast, theme song artists, and teaser visual for the anime's next arc on Monday.

There's going to be another atrocity? What? How? Why? Did anyone even watch the other one? Did it sell?

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i did. it was great. wasn't as bad as /a/ states... at least we have some media about it.
Season 2 was announced at the end of season 1, this isn't news.

Nobody wants this, the """" anime """" is bad, and gives miura more excuses to keep putting the manga on hiatus.
who gives a fuck about the anime, new chapters when?

I fell for the Cat Soup meme
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Lucky bastard.
you know
not all memes are pranks
I love the Cat Soup OVA. Best thing Yuasa was ever a part of.

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Studio: J.C.STAFF
No, this is not yaoi.

Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist, and Robert Nicholas, an archives and cryptanalysis expert. The two work as a team as the Vatican's "miracle examiners," traveling the world to investigate the authenticity of claims of miracles.

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It's not homo but I have faith that it'll bring more lewd priest fanarts.
I'll watch it but it looks pretty gay.
Director: Yoshimoto Yonetani
Script: Seishi Minakami
Character Design: kazunori iwakura

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I just watched all 12 episodes back to back. It was okay but not as interesting as I had hoped. Killing off characters at random stops being surprising after the first half dozen. I think maybe the series suffered for being an adaptation of an existing story rather than a TV original. They did an admirable job of trying, but you can't really get to know 16 characters in 12 episodes.

The bit with Snow White's power was really funny. I kept expecting it to be useful. Made me laugh.

I was genuinely butthurt when they killed off the magical girl (boy) not because I didn't see it coming basically from the moment he pledged to project her, but because it was such a waste of fetish potential.
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Unmarked (the arc that the anime covered) is honestly the worst written arc in the series, it doesn't help that the anime liked to explain characters backstories on the episode said character dies, it became too obvious.
>it doesn't help that the anime liked to explain characters backstories on the episode said character dies, it became too obvious.

Basically every anime ever does this, sometimes in the middle of actual fights.
That's why its awful and contrasts the LN greatly where the deaths are at time sudden and unexpected.

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>There are people, in /a/, right now, that havent read Zannen Jokanbu Black General-san yet.

>Good comedy.

>Likeable characters.




No excuses, read it now.
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Minion shipping best shipping
You might wanna check out the Danbooru pool. Chapters get translated before elsewhere if you're impatient for the edited version.
woops, wrong link

saiyans racial is that they get way stronger every time they're beaten to a pulp, does this happen to goku in dragonball or do they just kinda tack it on on dbz?
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its called a zenkai boost and yes he gets stronger everytime he gets beat up until eventually no one can compete with him on earth
Yes but there's also a limit to it.
Yeah it's never really formally introduced until frieza saga, but it's noticeable in Dragonball most noticeably in the King Piccolo Saga where he gets his shit kicked in by Tambourine but is able to more than easily beat him a couple days later.

I'm Atlas.
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>tfw never found jap torrents of this entire version of astroboy
the censor on the american version was beyond retarded

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Unfinished version of "In This Corner of the World" mistakenly screened at Aomori Theater for 46 days

>The mistake was noticed by a fan who had watched the film for nine times at different theaters and reported to the director via Twitter.
Wew lad. I'm now thinking about the hundreds of people who have probably watched Your Name a dozen times. Is this normal in Japan?
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It's normal for everywhere in the world, especially for blockbuster movies.

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>Sa-sakura, did you just come all over me again
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Been reading this?

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Her body makes me want to commit sin. How did they make such a perfect girl?
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I meant to post this one. Sigh. Sage this one to the archives. Even on imageboards, I make big mistakes.

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Chitanda Eru is, without a doubt, the best girl ever, prove me wrong
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Not even the best girl in her own show.
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I like you a lot!.png
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>Prove me wrong
But that's impossible.
Because you're right Anon.
She's the best.
She's simply the best.
It is impossible for a girl from such a boring show to ever be a candidate for best girl of all time.

Get some taste.

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YFW an announcement of a Kamachi anime getting a new season and it's Heavy Object S2
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Its gonna be BooBoo to get that Isekai cash before the fad dies
We have Aleistered hard enough that the 6th level 5 will grant us a new season of Academy City.

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