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Will we ever see season 2?
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Most of it was animated so probably a OVA would suffice.
I know that the manga ended, but I though there was still enough source material left.
That means an OVA probably wouldn't happen at this point unless they do an unlikely collaboration with new Web Working animated material.
Then again Yuyushiki got one after all these years, so anything is possible.
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I only remember this show because Saya was a fucking savage.

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She looks like a total badass, why must she be wasted on idolshit?
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it brings in the sort of 60s-80s 'hard rock chick' look into the mix, and taps a market for so.
She's just a typical asian girl who's not as good as your real life girlfriend, get real.
You know Rin would lay your ass out for looking down on idols right?

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me and my gf
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You are both very beautiful and I wish you happiness and also that there is lots of porn of you
Kyoani starting to pandering to yuri fags.
Official true pairing right here folks supported by the author herself no less.

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Hentai desperately needs more loli.
What a heartwarming anime this is !
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is she drinking cappuccino? I always get the foam on my face when I drink it.

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konosuba sexism.png
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For a MAN to hit a WOMAN?
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It's not funny, it's hot.
Ever since feminism became a joke of its former self.
Putting Aqua in the woman category is clearly an insult to actual women.

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The wind... is troubled today.
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/lit/ girl is not real get over it nerd.
there'slike a million girls like her
I've watched Nichibros 5 times and it's still the funniest anime I've ever watched. How does anything else even compete.

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How can a turd be so sexy?
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Go have sex with a horse or a dog like you've always desired because you're such a dirty unkempt degenerate fucking furfag with some of the worst taste I've ever seen.
Oh yeah, and go brag about how Mulpee has some of the best commentary since Twilight Zone too.
Because that is me. That is literally me.

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brain rape.png
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It's time.
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This is one of those cases where I had seen it tons of times on /a/ and then unknowingly stumbled upon it while browsing the Panda. Lost my shit.

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SEASON 2 EPISODE 4 1100.png
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Only canon couples though.
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Rokuro and Benio are OTP of the year of all years

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me on the right
Does that dog want to kill itself, i thought chocolate destroys their digestive tract?
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HOTD - Saeko.webm
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>new chapter out
Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen
Now with more oppai!
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Poor Penguin-san...
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Dumping the chapter.
Translation by Rapeman
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244 raws are out.

Hana is still a bitch. Chiyo and Kiyoshi is still being setup for some mayor misunderstandings regarding her birthday.
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raws are out.
what was the message sbout?
Aslo it's a break nexxt week
are they off namek yet?
The letter:"To Kiyoshi-kun. About Tanabata! Chiyo"

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Reminder. Best boy won.
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He did?
where did this come from

Have we had a thread for this yet?

First 10 minutes of S2. Looks great.
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Is it just me or does the cg look notably worse?
Can't see much difference myself.
Been waiting for this.

I didn't hate it.
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>ssj4 made more sense than god, why is there a god form now for everybody...
>the super dragon balls made more sense than the ones protected by the gods, what is even the point for those?
>everyone remembers the evil dragons and babi compared to the dio brando clone and evil goku years from now
I just finished rewatching it, I didn't like it as much as a I did back in the day and Super is honestly better than it
I was a fan of Pan, Trunks, and Goku adventure too. Not sure why it's so hated.

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