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Who is your favorite dyke character?
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Kanbaru, duh
Ugly bitch.
Don't you DARE talk about my wife like that

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I'm on episode 15

This bitch is ruining the show. She's Scrappy fucking Doo all over again. Does she ever get better or is she just going to keep shitting all over the show?
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there's barely any evolution from any character in Slayers
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Grow some taste, pleb. Amelia is the best thing about Slayers.
Thankfully for OP, Amelia is the exception to that. She mellows a great deal.

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who's your favorite manga artist?
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haha lmao togashi doesnt draw xdsdd
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Daisuke Igarashi.
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tsukushi akihito

Who was in the wrong here?
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>There are still people that are still complaining about Akko not magically getting gud

You watched the episode explaining she made progress and you still don't get it.

I think I'm starting to understand the reason why, you faggots are like Akko seeing yourselves reflected on her piss you off.

The difference is that Akko is actually starting to improve and will never have an Ursula to defend and appreciate you.
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badly translated futakuro live comments
>Cute [with image of Diana]
>If you can use magic, why bother mixing it? [the sugar cubes]
>Is it a concentration problem?
>Amazing face
>I want this magic
>Is the teacher Chariot?
>Eating as always
>Old hag vomit
>Glowing vomit anime (second this season
>Transformers lol
>Constanze is using the most practical magic
>Explosion magic
>Terrorism case
>A witch who can only use explosion magic...
>Holocaust? [tl note: literally holocaust]
>Founded a new magic system called Terrorism
>I was wondering if this fool had improved somewhat due to the influence of last week. Not at all.
>Leave after graduation
>It was a poison apple?

>It's an advanced class
>Can't hear them
>Naruhodo (I don't understand
>Why did you take this class?
>What kind of course selection system is this

>I'm gonna kill you (lol)
>Assassinated a teacher
>Murder and hiding the body
>Teacher killed and dumped into sewage
>Rather than dropping out she's going to prison

>Virgin until 30
>Sucy good smile
>Batteries lol
>Feels like anime from Showa 40s [1965-1974]
>Hiding in the desk and giving a blowjob
>Death and suffering. Death and suffering.
>Finding Nemo
>I wonder if this entire school is useless
>How did she change back

>A stunning turnabout trial
>Teacher is reliable

>It was a good episode
>Not a handjob but a blowjob
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What does this say about Amanda?

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ironically I was listening some ost earlier I wouldn't mine re watching this that was a great summer should I catch up I know the manga went beyond the 1000
new season fucking when
what this guy said. Do we have to sacrifice a bunch of boxers or what?

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New chapter is out.
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What's the point when we know how it all turns out in the end?
That is like saying what is the point of reading one piece, fairy tale, and other similar manga when you know how they are going to turn out.
Why are you even here

What did Fate/Zero mean by this?
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Shitty discount Bazett
That believing heart is not enough to win the holy grail war.

Is IGPX western garbage or underrated masterpiece?
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Production I.G. wasted their time.
I don't remember much about it, but it seemed alright.
Wasted potential

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What was his endgame...?
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Bowser killed him and took his last life.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Post more Tenmas pls
There are better shots than these in this show. I am disappointed, anon.

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Is Gunslinger Girl worth reading/watching?
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It's not bad. If you've a thing for lolis with guns, and SUFFERING. Worth your time.
First season is good, second season is trash, but manga's tops

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>anime OP has kanji, furigana, romaji, english subs, original credits and credits for the translation

pls stap
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Pretty sure that's not an anime OP.
>bad apple
>"anime OP"
Fuck off.

Pic obviously unrelated you niggers.

Little Brown girls are the best
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They don't look little to me. Unless you meant that resolution.
So me

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>Well, it's been a long time since I reincarnated with this body. I won't get flustered by a woman's naked body at this point.
What did she mean by this?

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Really makes you think.

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Does anyone else think re isn't as good as the first part? I can't really explain it but lately I've been rapidly loosing interest in the manga to where I've basically dropped it since a few weeks ago.
Anyone else feel similar or different? Love to see a discussion.
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yes it doesnt have the same vibe as the original. also the main strength of TG1 which was the characterization is not in focus. instead ishida is trying to tell a larger scale story which takes away from that strength which was so prevalent in the original series. also the art is less consistent and there are less backgrounds which takes away from the overall atmosphere at points. but ishida generally delivers during major chapters with big plot elements so i wouldnt worry too much. there have been some good and also not so good parts of RE

captcha is rue which is pretty funny
Recently people have been bitching about it feeling too shonen without realizing that one a manga can't jump demographics, and two quite a few seinin manga have shonen moments *cough Berserk*

Not to mention people whining about the recent powers, you act like diverse abilities are limited to a shonen manga..? I will agree Rue had too many random cliffhangers and characters showing up out of the blue, not to mention the pacing was pretty bad but people are overreacting. I won't even go over the Saiko issue, everything was clearly explained earlier in Re: but people are speed d. readers so fuck it.
I think that explains it pretty well. I was big into the characters in part 1 but when re came around they seemed to dwindle as more were introduced who seemed to just create a clutter rather than a diverse group of good characters.

The artwork kind of makes it feel less lively and more mechanical as well. Looks way more rough and sketchy. Although im not sure if that was to make re more gritty or something. In Part 1 there was a lot more depth to the shading and tone.
Though there's still plenty of great panels such as pic related.

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