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Guide: Buyfags.moe
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No, I can't read moon, so I don't know the manufacturer. Feel free to upload if you knew the character names. I'll just claim credit later with a higher resolution version.
You and me both.

Fingers crossed Sideshow Collectables stocks it so I can utilize their installment plans.

>Two Threads
Uh... this one has a title?

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So we're 6 episodes in, 4 episodes left.

It's safe to say KonoSuba 2 is nowhere near as good as the first season, right?
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The darkness episode was meh. Everything else was fine.
Oh shit I forgot this wasn't 13 episodes. Yeah it doesn't come close to season 1.
Seems fine to me.

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Lapis giving me honmei choco moved me, but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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Peaceful Days, soon?
Wedin a slut.
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>Interview with Swim Swim (50%)

Yes Anon and it will be Swim Swim's who's the first Unmarked.

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Why is Anime artstyle so fucking boring now?
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t. Otaku

What went right[?/spoiler]
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The voice actors
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It got an ending.
It was pretty good until the crossover with Tsubasa started to being more prominent. The all Watanuki and Shaoran are the same person was intersting at first tough.
It hasn`t end, the story "continues" in xxxholic rei, but good luck I don`t even know what the fuck is happening.

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I want to fuck this slut.
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Let me improve her. No need to thank me.
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>mamezou's newest work still not translated

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It was supposed to be his moment
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Something is wrong with that image. He doesn't look as cocky.
Yeah I can't believe the author thought it was a good idea to give him a heart attack. So stupid.
If JJ places again next season I'm suing Canada.

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How will the kids get out of this one?

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1) He must be weak (physically, mentally, or both) at the start of the story. He must not be strong in the beginning, otherwise the story is ultimately pointless since he has already reached the peak of personal development.

2) He must develop throughout the story in a linear curve. If it is a battle shounen, this will be through physical skills. If it is a romantic drama and he is autistic, then he must develop social skills to ultimately reach his goal of either making friends or getting a girlfriend. If he does not develop any personal skills throughout the story to reach his goals, he is ultimately a useless piece of shit protagonist that gets nothing done.

3) He must have some personal goal in life that moves the plot forward. If his goal is to be strong, then he must train himself to be strong. If his goal is to get laid, then he must socialize with girls. If his goal is to further his career, then he must study hard. If he does not have any goal in life and the anime is just Slice of Life Comedy, then ultimately his existence is pointless because the anime is pointless.

4) He must not be a bishie. His looks must be average or ugly, but never perfect.

refute this /a/
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nigga deku's not even the protagonist

he's the guy who will die to inspire the protagonist

mind fuck right? 120 chapters of a manga and it's just the prologue.
This. Mirio is inheriting OfA and is going to go on all sorts of adventures with his competent and quirky friends
1 Luffy starts out pretty strong but not crazy strong that he can solo anyone in his verse.

2 he slowly gets stronger and starts realizing he isn't strong enough to protect weaker crew members from the most powerful threats in verse and starts trying to desperately make up new ways to get stronger

3 his goal is to to become the most free person in the world and find adventure

4 he looks like a skinny kid who doesn't even seem that strong and kind of goofy

Do you think in R3 he'll get to have sex?
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>inb4 c.c.fags write fanfiction
All great heroes are virgins
yes to Kallen

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It saddens me that there are no good doujins of her.
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With a body like that in the OP it's no wonder. She has no appealing traits that would make you want to draw her

Relax and take it easy.
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Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

-Doing the heart hands
-Joint request with JolyneAnon doing outfit swap. Jolyne reference: http://i.imgur.com/X5VZo39.jpg
-Wearing Julia's dress from Fire Emblem Heroes (http://i.imgur.com/BpQl3OZ.jpg)
-My SI (http://i.imgur.com/9k8aV16.png) giving her a chocolate strawberry or a chocolate heart to eat.
-Almost anything else cute or lewd is also appreciated.

And thank you for your time.
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Orihime Reference.jpg
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Good evening, requesting please more of Orihime wearing this http://i.imgur.com/EqcOiVD.png
Or, requesting Orihime’s future robot self fighting Trypticon http://i.imgur.com/pk6ScIV.png http://news.tfw2005.com/2017/02/17/generations-trypticon-full-reveal-333577
Anything else cute of her is good too, thank you.
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Requesting Natsume dressed as a nurse taking care of an injured anon preferably her wearing garter belts, anything else is cool as well.

Nurse references: http://imgur.com/a/yrgbz

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It's time.
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Just started watching Kuroshitsuji, this show doesn't even hide the fact that its fujoshi bait huh
is it bad that I enjoy this
What is this thread for?
Samurai Champloo

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> The advance ticket page for the TOHO Cinemas Kinshicho theater in Tokyo lists the first Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel film with an opening date of September 30. As of Sunday, the other theaters in the TOHO Cinemas chain only list the film's opening within "2017."

> The staff of the Fate/stay night franchise announced last March that the film project will be split into three separate films, with the first premiering sometime in 2017. The project was initially announced in 2014 as a single film.

> Tomonori Sudou (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero animation director) is directing the films, and ufotable is animating the work. Yuki Kajiura (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero) is composing the music. The initial announcement revealed that Takahiro Miura was providing the storyboards.

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>September 30th

Lol, nope.
is it confirmed whether we are getting sex or blood sucking?
End September makes sense since the studio will have to work on Touken Ranbu in summer. I wonder if Aniplex will have the three HF movies run for about 1 hour each, just like Kizu.

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4koma adventures.
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Last week on 4koma Adventures, we found out that Warspite could actually stand.


...A boulder is moving...?
駆逐艦 初雪、深雪、吹雪、白雪
Destroyers Hatsuyuki, Miyuki, Fubuki, Shirayuki


戦艦 ウォースパイト
Battleship Warspite
It's actually a shipgirl!?
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My Name Is

My name is...oh.


我が名はQueen Elizabeth Class Battleship二番艦Warspiteですよろしくお願いしますね
My name is "Warspite", the second ship of the "Queen Elizabeth Class" of "Battleships". It's nice to meet you.

She's so fluent that we have no idea what she's saying...!

One More Time

Umm...sorry, but one more time...
One more time!

Do that thing with the rigging one more time!
That part!?

I don't mind...

Are you okay!?大丈夫!?
"Are you okay!?"
So cooool!
あっすみません 気にしないでくださいっ
Oh, sorry. Don't worry about it.
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我が名はQueen Elizabeth Class Battleship二番艦Warspiteですよろしくお願いしますね(ややゆっくり)
My name is "Warspite", the second ship of the "Queen Elizabeth Class" of "Battleships". It's nice to meet you. (Slightly slowly)

Did you just arrive?
いえ 少し前に着いてDockの準備が整うまでこの辺りを見せてもらっていたの
No, I came earlier, but decided to check the surroundings until the preparations for the "dock" were finished.

Preparations for the dock...?

The rigging's being towed to the dock!?


She seems the type to have not worked at all in her life...
たしかに クイーンなんとか級だからな…
Yeah, and she's part of the queen-something class...

Maybe it's just because her rigging is big...
I'll take your hand luggage to the dock, too.

あっ これは…
Oh, this is...

I-it's heavy!

うーん 戦艦は戦艦だったな…
Guess battleships are battleships, after all...
Are you alright!?
My hip...

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