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Better than Kyoani.
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Where have you been when Yamamoto saved the anime?
This show had a great OP
Why do they look so soft?

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Why did Sora like Shino so much over Tabby.
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Or best girl Alkaid?

>it's atoli

Alright did I hit my head or did u goof?

I'm going to be honest with you guys. This might make me a social pariah, but so be it.
... I love Sora no Method. It holds a special place in my heart, and is singularly responsible for Fall 2014 being my favorite anime season of all time.

I don't consider myself a very brave person. I'm an INFJ, so I wilt easily under social pressure.
But this is one issue I refuse to bend on... one where I refuse to change or apologize for my heart and mind and soul.
I love Sora no Method... so, so much.
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actually end your life
Tell us why you love it OP
Haha. I knew I'd end up being rejected by 4chan society, but this is a bit extreme. Hate Sora no Method that much, anon?

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I love Kyoukai! Kyoukai is perfect!
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I really liked her design.


Why did you stop anon? She's still the same lovable Kyoukai.
>he doesn't know

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Now that the dust has settled, who was best girl?
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dust doesn't settle in space
> 2nd row 3rd column
Is space dandy worth it?

Asking for a friend who's a fuckin loser

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What the fuck happened in the end?

Who was the main villain? What were his motives? Why was he there?

Who was the old dude the Nase family talked to?

Why wasn't there an onscreen kiss?

Why was Akihito's mom a Deus Ex Machina?
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It's a constant loop.
Fuck it, I accept it.
Just don't watch the movie.

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Fuck off with your dumb /pol/ meme.
>you will never be a loli with a Char as your husbando
Why even live.
that's more of a /tv/ meme.

/tv/ is weirdly a nesting ground for $cientologist shills, Pedos, and footfags. [/spoilers]

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What are some well known phrases in anime?
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"Why does she sit like that?" - Haruhi

So, let me get this straight.

An adventurer lvl 2 can:

Create a gravitational field over 30m^3, obtain free flight capabilities, cast a beam of pure energy, conduct lightning (NOT fucking electricity, I mean FUCKING LIGHTNING), create magic items several times higher than it's lvl, trash weapons made of adamantium, break the jaw of a monster 100 times his/her size and they are all cut as a fucking diamond.

Aiz is a level 6, how is she not killing gods left and right?
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I tried to watch this show because it had the same character designer as Durarara!! but couldn't make it through episode 1. Should I give it another try?
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Man these bitches were way too hot.

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I'm away next weekend, so here's an early thread.
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Aria v03 c15 - 143.png
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Aria v03 c15 - 145.png
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What are light novels like? How are they written? How do they differ from western young adult novellas like Harry Potter?
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>how are they written?

The one in your pic is written pretty fucking terribly.
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Well if you look up japanese light novels, theres plenty of examples on how they look like inside. just text and sometimes theres a picture.
My understanding of Japanese written is terrible, but that doesn't look like a lot of words for a page.

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Your town is under the curse of the spiral.
What would you rather do:
Stay outside and turn into a snail
Stay inside and turn into spaghetti
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Can I kill myself?
Then I'm going snail. At least I can be alone.
Being tangled with other humans inside a small space forever is something I wouldn't be able to deal with.

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Maybe King Crimson just skipped the Part 5 announcement. That's the only explanation, right?
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that tfw when you have the best taste on this board
the stands in part 6 are hella weird
I just hope the anime's art doesn't make him look shoddy. maybe they'll do shaded lips.

What exactly was wrong with his plan?
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He said it aloud like a stupid fuck.

Also, the kage at the time problaby caused the least amount of problems compared to the kage before them.
Nothing really, it was a good plan in the long term. Literally one of the only good things Kishimoto got right after the time skip.

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Armin was objectively the wrong choice and every military officer agrees.
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Armin a cute.
EMA deserve death.
10/10 OP. Best in a while.

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