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Whose best girl?
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Does any cool shit happen in K-ON or is it just a series of music videos punctuated by SOL scenes?

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TT: softness
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Why don't nips have nips.
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Guess who's back?

Subs in ~40 mins.
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Back again
Rou's back, tell a friend.
Stop being so proud of yourself, Rou is the best

Why aren't you watching Gabriel Dropout?
It's fun to watch cute angels and demons bully each other.

New episode tomorrow.
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Seasonal generic moeshit
First episode was pretty boring. I'll watch it when there are Raph nudes
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How long until Tapris starts shitposting on /g/?

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All 3 but I want to taste that Ui ass first.
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Ui lookin thicc

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Post what you've been watching/reading recently, what you think about it etc.
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Not pre-2000 exactly but I'm watching Boogiepop Phantom and can't understand what's going on half of the time.
what are some upcoming blu ray releases?
also glad rx came back for g gundam
Started Maison Ikoku. I guess this is the progenitor of all the "single desperate ronin with strange neighbors" anime out there.

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I haven't even seen it, but from seeing the fanbase that's an apparent fuck no.
I've yet to dig into it. My backlog is happy to have it, but that assassin chick was pretty freaky. Great tits and holy fuck that ara ara. I'm sure I'll have an opinion on it once I break down and watch the goddamn thing.
It's garbage.

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Kanahana X Ono now
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And they said she was dating Kaji Yuki.
There goes their fanbase.
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Seiyuu are humans too and can have romantic relationships with other humans. WOW! Who'dathunk it?????

Delete this thread, seriously.

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Is BanG Dream going to take off soon?
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I didn't even know about the show until I saw this picture, which I saved because of the cute feet.

Is the show worth watching? It doesn't seem very popular.
It's the K-On of our generation
>**2,198位/**2,198位(***,634 pt)[*,**0予約] 2017/05/24 BanG Dream! 〔バンドリ! 〕 Vol.1 (4th LIVE武道館公演チケット最速先行販売申込券付) [Blu-ray]

Never, guess that BD bonus concert ticket all that advertising didn't work out.

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What was the last anime that got you really pumped up?
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Recently watched Shin Mazinger Z. It was fun.
Initial D

The first two seasons got me sweating at some races and it even made me see the fun in driving again.
Not this piece of shit, that's for sure.

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Is Asuka a well written character?
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+ Consistently written character and a pretty interesting one

- Is treated by other characters and the narrative as being sinister and unnerving even though she never really does anything bad
- Her importance to Kumiko and the narrative feels abrupt and awkward to me
I was really pissed that Taki didn't mention how talented she is when they were arguing over whether she should be allowed to remain in the club. For a girl her age she is a spirited and accurate player
I'd say yes, but it was a bit of a slow reveal to be honest. Liked the way her story was handled, as it is hard to write a seemingly enigmatic character in the first place, and keep reader and viewer interest in such.

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Would you spank Sena if robots forced you to do so?
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Why do robots need to be involved?
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I don't want to hurt my wife
I'd spank her purely for my own sexual gratification.

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why are old hags so hot?
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I want Elsa to gut me and marry me while my entrails are falling out!

umm, sure, betamale provider.

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on this?
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It's awesome. The end.
there are parts of it that you may or may not enjoy

bitches and whores

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