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Anyone here even read this?
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So smug on the left.
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What was his problem?

Is the story time Anon RIP? Are the manga threads over now that GX finished the Egypt stuff? Is the 5Ds manga really that bad?
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I hope best girl isn't a jobber.
muh FEEL
I remember someone in the last GX thread mentioned something about that. Not really sure what it's supposed to be, though.

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How many of thse girls are actually going to end up with MC?
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Salad x Bolt
Offu, Teruhashi-san.
emma is the mc, a useless one but still.

>anime about punching people to shreds
>endng theme is a mellow / happy song
why ? what the fuck
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What the fuck?
why do people say this anime is good?
the story is top shit
the characters too
the song is about genos waiting for sensei to get home


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What does /a/ think of Arakawa?
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boring SoL
It has great OPs.
Good cast of characters.

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Read the guide before asking any questions.
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Looking through these 7 sins figs. I cant believe I didnt see this one. The phallic imagery, that butt. Holy shit, did this sell well to get rereleased?
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Did this end up being good? I kind of forgot about it but Uzuki a cute.
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I'm guessing there was no prototype for the far right one

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>Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep from drifting apart.
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Remember to keep your happy meal heads on.
head like a happy meal!
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What will we do when Kaban's real name is revealed?

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Place your bets, will beerus punish Goku after this is all over?

Maybe a mind wipe and remove god ki?
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Why did the last topic get deleted?
No clue, I didn't do it.
Nah, EoZ is just non canon

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It's been about 2 weeks since the last translation. Sorry for the wait, I've been busy. Today I have the rest of Volume 2, chapters 20 - 27.

Previous thread

Mega Folder that contains raws and translated chapters.
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Apartment No. 20
> The old lady next door gave us some cake!

> Wah
> 2 types of cakes
> Cake

> Let's split it into halfsies like usual
> Mn
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> What? What? Cake!?

> There's one for each of us. Which would you like?
> They all look delicious!

> Want to split it like the twins? ...But splitting each into thirds seems like a lot of trouble...
> Nah, I don't need any

> Split it between the two of you
> Then halfsies with you, Onee
> Yes

> Onee-chan also did halfsies?
> Same as us

> They're both delicious
> I know

> Kya kya
> Chew
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> Halfsies are great

> You can eat different kinds and it's fun!
> Mhm
> Hmm, but

> If you only have 1, you'd only be able to eat half

> As long as I can eat it with Satsuki, I don't mind
> Thanks for the food! Let's go play outside!
> Mhm!
> Stay safe

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index season 3.jpg
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Say it with me
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Pls tell me this is real
Who cares, Index is shit.

Another season of Railgun, on the other hand...
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Lapis and Bellsie are a lovely couple but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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Princess Deluge 7.jpg
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Being Deluge is suffering
She'll burn the current LoM to the ground and from the ashes she'll build a new and better LoM with the help of her allies.
Whoa, source?

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I can't fucking stand it, this little shit is living the dream. I'm so jealous I don't know what to do

>Can use magic and summon shit, born from a long line of mages
>Is a cutie himself
>Gets to live with and be taken care of and loved by lucoa

Maybe I should just kill myself
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Please do, you'll make /a/ better.
>Maybe I should just kill myself
Excellent idea. Please proceed immediately with its execution.
>Maybe I should just kill myself
Please do so.

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Just finished this.
What next? Where would the story go from here if it had continued?
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It does continue though. The rebuilds are sequels.
>What next?

Lifelong depression.
If people didn't come back in time then they'd die. And even if they did come back the world would be thrown into chaos as everyone was just sucked into a giant magic "fuck you" hole where they know the secrets of everyone else.

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Which anime girl has the best legs?
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That one whose legs are on my shoulders.
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Does Emi count?

ITT: Anime that will be considered classics 10 years from now.
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Literally already forgotton
Are people still talking about Psycho Pass?
Not that one.
Also nice recommendations thread, but you wont get one from me.

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