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Why are imoutos so superior?
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All shit.
Alright, where did this meme came from?
Fuck off.

I want to fuck those Tawawas.
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Paizuri from short stacks is a miracle.
Sweater puppies divided by sling bag.
UMU spotted.

What did you think of Zoids New Century when you first watched it? What do you think of it now?
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I loved it. I probably still love it.
It was great. Actually had some funny moments as well. Last fight was hype as fuck, deserved a second season
Very very slow start

Getting around the ending was hype as fuck when they started changing armors mid battle

it's a shame they didn't do the Season 2 they had planned for S class

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Episodes 77-89 or so today.

Live Stream Link:


Alternative link: http://pastebin.com/FSfApYGb

Starts at 6:30pm EST (3:30pm PST, 11:30pm UTC)

No profit is made from this, it's all just for fun.
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rerun of 76 right now, yagami is still a thing
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getting really close to the end, the plots gonna be moving a lot faster now

She slept with her friend because her boyfriend was neglecting her

What a slut
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>a realistic portrayal of romance
No wonder you disliked it.
The guy was a huge fag that treated her like shit though so he deserved it

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>tfw you realize that fan reaction to the series ruined End of Evangelion
>and people haven't changed, and the fan reaction to Rebuild 3 will ruin Rebuild 4

why can't you guys just understand?
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If you mean Anno being sent hate mail, that was mostly a myth. He did get some, but he got a lot more fans thanking him for creating the show (Including a kid who related to Shinji)
You seem to be missing the point, the Rebuilds were made to print money and they succeeded in that goal.
the film was ruined. anyone who doubts that is a fool. Show Shinji would never masturbate. Luckily that was prolly the only direct attack and swept away in five minutes.

umm, but yeah, the rebuild four was set up for amazingness, but if you faggots fucked it up, fuck you faggots for fucking it up. It's the same thing again. You didn't understand evangelion the series so you attacked, and now, you didn't understand evangelion the movie series so you attacked.

fuck you people are so dumb.

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Sad he didn't die after all.
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lol asuka dies

pretty underrated show imho
>cute chicks
>balance between perveriness and gore
>tsundere sidekick
>MC embarrasses himself fairly often
>MC is a perverted middle school kid
>all these retarded plot twists within one episode
the fuck

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Is Konosuba really that good or is it another shitty harem comedy?
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It's good.
>nopan swimsuit
it's another shitty harem comedy.

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>Kuzu no Honkai
>Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni...
>Netsuzou TRap
>Koi to Uso

How will /a/ survive?
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We're getting lustful monk first.
I want to marry akane and watch her NTR me
How do you live with yourself

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End up Goro Taniguch is not directing a typical mecha show, it's a FeMC working with mechas show.

Coming 2017 spring.
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>3D shit
Welp, the models looked like a cheap platistic-ky action figure and having a robotic movement.Doesnt look as good as bubuki buranki from the pv.
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What will be his next masterpiece?
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He needs to make one first for there to be a next.
Damn how can I get to look this badass
Wear sunglasses

Just finished Evangelion and just have one question.
Why didn´t he get in the fucking robot?
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Because he's not a kid. Only children can pilot a giant robot.
Not Gendō, Shinji.
He just sat there while the white Evas were slaughtering Asuka.
Because it had his dead ex's soul in it and she probably wasn't too happy with him

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An artbook has been uploaded! Ryoko Kui is a true visionary.
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We're you planning on posting or linking this?
I wish this updated faster
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Eating slowly is good for your digestion

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>Seiyuu announces marriage
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>caring about 3DPD voice actors
Go and take all of your kind with you.
Seiyuus aren't 3D
Who cares?

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Do you love you're waifu's seiyuu as well?
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Rina Satou is so awesome to me.
No everyone on the band fucked her. Well, except the drummer. Drummers are lame I guess.

How much of a career does Aya Hirano still have? Is she in the new Gintama season?

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