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Well fuck.
This was a good read. Pretty short and easy to knock out over a long weekend.
>Plot twists
>Social and political commentary
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Not to blog, but shit man.
I don't know what I'm going to do when my dad dies.
Does anyone know how much scotch it takes to to fix that?

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What was her endgame?
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Being a perfect yandere in a broken anime.
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Protecting Yuki
You need to go back to whatever board you came from already, holy shit.

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Akko finally snaps after all the bullying in this episode. Quick, say something nice to cheer her up!
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Why does Professor Finneran, or whatever her name is, have it our for Akko?
We all agree that Hannah and Barbara crossed the fucking line, right?

Why flip phones are so popular in anime?
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What else would they be using in the early 2000s?

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Am I the only one who thinks this anime is getting worse with every new episode?

For me peaked with the episode focusing on the succubus teacher.

The little faggot Kurtz in today's episode made it impossible to watch
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It's not going to go down as one of the best anime's of all time if that's what you want from it.

Some episodes are going to be shit.

Just like your opinions.

Manga is way better, that's for sure.
I may have to give it a look. Guessing the anime strays far from the real story

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Yume is my yome.
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I wanna yome Yume's yomes.
The nose on the left is absurd.
i guess you're not a fan of girls from whoville are you?

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So whos your favorite idiot?

Yuuko's pretty much the best idiot.
oh yeah and other discussion about the series.
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Shit show from hell.

Start a thread about something relevant.
do tell? most of the relevant ones are already punched and posted to death. whatcha looking for? another one about aqua's bare butt?
>Hide Tripfags
>Hide Tripfag posts
>Do not respond to tripfags
>Hide Tripfag threads

You can only post hacks
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here is the best hack

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>scene where every character from the main cast one after another says something motivating to the mc
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>he doesn't like power of friendship
This anime was bad, lots of bullying to the brown girl that she doesn't deserve.
This. What the hell OP.

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What anime is his favorite guys?

On a side note, how do you think he pays the Bills?

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Why the fuck do I keep seeing this so much the last few days? What is going on?

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Yuma > Liru
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Oh OH so close OP. Okay let's make this correct.

Yuma & Pachira > Liru
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Wolf = Slut

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Just watched episode 7 of season 2. So basically the entire first season was being told by an unreliable narrator? The way Sukeroku and Miyokichi died, that is. Basically they didn't commit suicide, they were killed by their loli?

Rakugo thread I guess.
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>It was nobody's fault
>Miyokichi stabbed the fuck out of Sukeroku, none of this would have happened if she didn't do anything
This should have been double-spoilered. You ruined a whole season for me.
call me 6143270804

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Do you agree?
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face > shoulder/waist/hips ratio > tits = ass

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Why is Slurp Slurp so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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She was best girl, anon.

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So I'm working on TLing the unsubbed Code Geass sound dramas, and when I finished scripts for two of them and sent them over my timer remembered that he hated timing. Anonsubs come around fairly often, so I was wondering if anyone who knew how to time would be interested. There are 31 across both seasons, each at about six minutes long, but I wasn't planning to rush though too fast.
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Incidently, these are the scripts I have
And this is where I got the sound dramas
The scripts are both from Sound Episode 5 of R1.

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