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This is my wife. Say hi,
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That's a demon, not your wife.

It's a very cute demon, though.
I literally want her to rape me. I can't stop thinking about Vigne's big fat demon cock. What should I do?

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ITT: We post sexy hobos
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inb4 Hei

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Pss.. hey kid, you want some coke?
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Why certainly!
best pusher

id rather a pepsi

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post best girl
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Which are worse:

Homura apologists or Griffith apologists?
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Homura did nothing wrong, though. Fucking QB was going to figure out Madoka's mechanism sooner or later.
Griffith fed his friends to monsters, raped a girl and is going to destroy mankind in order to be a king.
Homura set a girl free and took on the reverse of her mantle in order to create a more perfect world. Did nothing wrong.
Homura did nothing wrong.
Meanwhile, while his position was admittedly sympathetic, Griffith did everything wrong.

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horrible subs.jpg
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Give me one good reason why a series like this gets a recap after only 6 episodes, while Dragon Ball Super can go on for 79 eps without a single recap.
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The guys in charge of episode 7 needed more time so D-team edited in some clips to make a recap episode
Studio had time management problems and needed a week to catch up.
These. It was a practical decision, not an artistic one.

Why is this a big deal? Don't you have a backlog you can work on while you wait for new episodes of seasonal anime?

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Take me somewhere expensive, senpai!
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Like a university?
>two wagecucks
>going to anywhere expensive
Aoba knows art school's a scam.

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This is Syaro-chan, my beautiful girlfriend.
Say something NICE.
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Break OP's heart and I will end you, Syaro.
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I fucked your dad

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>girl wins the MC bowl
>MC cheats on her in the epilogue
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Does being okay with this make me an NTRfag?
Name two (2) anime where this happens
Kimikiss season 2 when

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
I want to make Koume my wife!
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This girl is cute
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I didn't know Hyakko got new season
Best boy of 2017
(S)he likes the neko

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Ballroom e Youkoso thread?

I've been reading through the chapters back and forth and noticed this page. There was this flashback of Tatara's mother leaving him, presumably after divorcing from his dad - that came straight after his desire to impress Shizuku with his dance?

Anybody else thinks that Tatara's mother is actually a dancer? She looks so tall, slim and upright-postured here.
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Divorce is illegal in Japan. They're just separated.
The way it's portrayed it feels Tatara is driven by more than just his admiration for Shizuku.

Tatara has a quiet but constant struggle over abandonment anxiety, the reason he's so passionate about dancing is because he's finally found a form of expression with which he can be himself and still be appreciated
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Or maybe it's his mother's genes awakening his desire to dance?

He takes a whole lot like his Dad - beta personality, short, frail, reclusive - but perhaps his ability to copy another dancer's footwork by looking is inherited from his mother?

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Nico Nico PUNCH
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I've seen this many times and the more I see it the more I want to sexually bully Nico.
What doujin is this from?
I hate love live and bullying
wh does /a/ hate her?

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This hasn't been updated the past week. Is Nobel on break rn?
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DO YOU WANT TO DIE!????!?!??!?!?!?
She's on a week long date rape with Fumita.
On break while preparing for volume 3 release. Will be back early March.

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What is love? Am I love?
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Baby don't hurt me
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this is love op

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