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>TFW still no Season 2 of Nichijou
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Welcome to KyoAni. Free gets 3 seasons and a movie.
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>Gay swimming gets 3 seasons and a movie

kill me
That soba scene was amazing.

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So it's gonna be a shit cashgrab, right?
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>he thinks code geass sold well
Sweet summer child.
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>implying it didn't
Well it's a fact that it did

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Which Tohsaka? I know a bunch so please be specific
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ITT: Characters that you can beat up in a fight
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I GUARANTEE you I could beat the shit out of this smug little bitch with one hand behind my back and then proceed to ride her like her beloved 新幹線
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Ren-chon babby.jpg
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Sex... Sex... Sex...
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I want to do lewd things to Dullahan
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>they actually sexualized him the absolute madwomen
Time to pick this back up then.
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Why is she so cute?

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Just google it fag.png
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Thief BTFO

Cousin-route confirmed

Also this page was actually hilarious and also does a little character development so it's great.

What's your search history like /a/?
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Oh shit.
So he isn't gay but then why did he get ill when Harukana was stealing panties.
Momoka wants to fuck DOGS

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If this show 3D why don't they use superior models? pic related
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they have like 5 people in the production team
The quality of animation would become even worse and it would remove some of the charm.
Not moe enough.

8man belongs to onee-san
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8man belongs purely and only to Saika.
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Both wrong
8man belongs only to himself. No one will ended up with him.

No tournament is perfect without this supreme gentleman
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>forces second son to study and become successful like gohan
>doesn't let him take the same class as his best friend who's family's the richest and smartest people on earth.
its like she doesn't want goten to have a social life and you saw how gohan turned out
She'll chill out eventually, Goten does get to slack off and have a social life in EoZ.
Both Trunks and Goten have their own tutors.

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Next episode is a Manbavaran episode; the Week of Sucy has officially begun
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Is Amanda going to be alright?
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I just picked up the 1989 Patlabor TV Series from a local chain that's unfortunately having a "going out of business" sale. I love the first two films and I am aware that the series is a lot more low-key as well as not directly connected to the films like the original OVA was but will I still enjoy this 47 episode run?

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silly cops do silly things
Just don't watch OVA2 without TV.
TV is really low key and is more about SOL than any action.
I'd say about character development, but there is none.
what's the original OAV like by comparison to the series? I have yet to get around to tracking down a copy of that either.

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Which is better, FSN or Zero, and why is it Zero?
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nice bait faggot, I'll bite

>Fate zero
>last battle is just two masters manly brawling
pic related

Also, anyone that thinks Fate/zero was better than the original VN is either a secondary or just a stupid edgy chuuni faggot.


oh.... right
you cant
>ufotable will never do cooking scenes with Sakura and Illya
>zero is to blame
Life isn't worth living anymore.

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So the King is a perfect mix of ugly and handsome.
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I could've sworn that planet was a different one.
He's got a long face
i dont get whats even happening anymore in this manga

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Don't job.png
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Isn't he WEAKER than Buu now? How's he gonna win against this guy?
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Super doesn't really have power levels anymore.
There's only in shape and out of shape.
Also it's ridiculously easy to become out of shape now.
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What the fuck is wrong with his face?

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Was Fall 2010 babby's first anime season?
I was 23 and it was the first season where I watched anime on a seasonal basis, instead of just binge watching old, completed series.
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Nothing notable here outside of Milky Holmes.
What about Yosuga no Sora and Sora no Otoshimono Forte?
The funny thing is, I didn't start watching anime by the season until Fall 2010.

I've watched everything, but stopped in 2014 Summer.

I dunno what's good and what isn't since then.

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