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Why haven't any groups jumped on chance to translate the next big shonen?
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Because it's garbage that will be canceled soon.
Are you going to cry when it gets an anime?
I hope ch.2 translation will come out sometime soon

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Why do the best girls never win?
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So they can fall in love with someone better than the MC.
And you post that one time best girl actually won.
Chihiro was shit, pal

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New scanned manga chapter was just released of the reincarnation story for which /a/ is most tsundere.

>Reclining buddha Rudy soon
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At this speed they will finish the Childhood arc in, what, two years?
I don't like the manga for some reason. The presentation is - wrong.
Does it display his disgusting fat previous self too much?

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New WSJ manga
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Its actually good
Meh, can't see much more happening than "Japan city activities are fun, friendship is cool, oh here's a monster who seeks revenge, better one punch it to literal oblivion and here's a reference to that well known manga/anime for humor".
why? Honestly, I would like to know, what have you seen from the first chapter that qualifies it as good in any way? It seems hopelessly generic, no semblance of an interesting premise, the art is merely ok, the characters are flat and uninteresting with one dimensional personalities so far, and it has no redeeming qualities.

Not to mention, why is a generic slime and a fucking door stronger than those elemental fuckbois? It makes no sense at all within the universe itself.

Who knows, it may grow to be a good series, but it really hasn't started off well.

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aka My Demon Prince Can't Be This Cute Portable


new Jumpo's shit get here,
can't dump due to unstable power due to shitty thunderstorm
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this is probably the best out of the new WSJ series so far
I want to ____ Poro!!
better Nisekoi x Tutoring
and better than KnD: Shippuden

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You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!
Foxes smell horrible in real life.
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Why'd they have to ruin this with so much shitty melodrama
the arc of Kariu/Honoka went on for a seriously awkward and stupid amount of time, you'd have thought Kariu was the main character if you only saw her stupid shitty arc. I will hand it to the show though, when its actually focusing on the main plot/main character and his interactions its actually a really nice and funny show
but hey i know /a/ and I'm guessing everyone here only watched it for Hishiro anyway
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Hishiro best girl.
Arcs involving Kariu are the worst. The current Ohga arc is a borefest and Kariu is still insufferable.
Definetly. An-chan was a strong second though.

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>Mou ikkai~
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Gosh anon, you're such a loser.
wrong show
Azuki Azusa is best girl

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Greatest love story ever told.
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>Literally 5CMPS's plot copypasted only with a small hint of Kokoro Connect splooge in it
Oh and it didn't win an Oscar :^)
Maybe next time you won't get Bang Zoom actors and get actual A-Listers if you want to be even remotely relevant in Jewlywood
In this corner of the world will win next year.

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What exactly makes incest between siblings so wonderful?
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It's pretty romantic to still, regardless of the taboo and social hate towards the couple that comes with incest, to still be in love.

Also fucking your sister is kinda hot.
Yosuga thread? Yosuga thread.
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It's always time for Yosuga.

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Why didn't Joey and Tristan just throw Weevil overboard?
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>hehe hehe say goodbye to Exodia hehe
He should of, but he's too nice.
The real crime is Yugi not being allowed to kill him later while dueling.
They couldn't attack life points directly that season.

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How did you become stronger than Shinka?
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Trick question. Nobody is stronger than Shinka.
So then how can I protect her?
Behead those who would insult her.

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>he still doesn't believe Jobin is the main antagonist of Part 8

Kaatofags are still in damage control after Ch. 62?
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kaato eyes ch902.jpg
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this is now an eyes thread
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I don't think we know enough about Kaato to write her off as a minor villain. As of now, her and Jobin are definitely the main antagonists though

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why didn't you love her like a human and not like an object ?
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But OP, I love her for all the good and bad that's in her.
Because I hated myself and didn't understand her. Even if I did love her as a human, I wouldn't be able to express my love since it would be overshadowed by my own self-misery. I hate myself. But maybe I could love myself? And maybe after finding this sacred self-worth I will finally find the value in others? I will finally be able to understand them at least a bit. But of course, no once can understand the other fully. So it's very important for you to love yourself and to be able to help yourself when everything else fails. Take care of yourself.
Asuka fans aren't capable of doing that.

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You're forced to marry the girl below
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*sentences OP to a life with Nepgear*
Bring it on

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