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Kurisu is so fine!
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I'd rather fuck my hand than that bitch.
Kurisu is ugly.

Posting that shit means you must be castrated.

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Nice /ll/ this week.
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Late 50's dad here, whats LL?
lesbian lolis
What your daugher does with her friends

Why is Mayumi so perfect?

You haven't forgotten about her, have you?
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onii-sama is the only one for me
her hairstyle is shit-tier
W-will she win the Tatsuta Bowl?

I haven't read the LN's or the anime

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SAO Movie spoilers ahead

>Ask away
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imouto never ever
Was it good?
Does the harem expand again?

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link for TS n TL >>153545027

Chapter 168 RAW is out: http://manga-spot.com/archives/38987
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The fights are surprisingly getting better as they go
So, her sister will have a custom ASS beast too?

vagabond a superb manga ,superb art ,superb story,one of the most successful mangas ever.
just why isnt there an anime of it yet, why must studios produce so much trash while there are so many great mangas like this
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oh god , i cant write, fucking look at, me im op the big fat, fucking retard,
Is Musashi still plowing rice fields instead of Otsu?
He left the village, but he's not done anything yet. It's currently stuck in castle stuff with the deaf faggot.

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The fujos are even taking over Deus Vult, why is this allowed?

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Sounds interesting. Desu vult!

why was this allowed
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Perfect example of how japan people act in real life


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obligatory op

fkn mobile idk how i messed that up








And most recently


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So, how long until he's dramatically revealed to be a goblin?
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But we know he's human, and handsome.
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World's most handsome goblin.
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>check twitter for GS fanart
>only finds photos of the LN covers and other events
For fuck sake, were is the art?!

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Was it justified? Would you have done it?
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Despite having less than favorable opinion about the series, I still love that fucker.
He actually felt like a high level ninja and not a goddamn wizard.

What a fucking fluke from Kishimoto
Shit writing
so much this

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>You will never have a crazy yandere obsess over your every move
Why even live?
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>you'll never have a crazy person killing your friends and family
I'm okay with this.
You live for the minute chance that it might happen.

Having even the slightest glimmer of hope that one day some lunatic will
>watch you breathe while you sleep
>cook your favorite foods
>threaten the lives of girls that glance at you
>threaten the lives of girls that you glance at
>kill your pets in secret so she can have all the attention
>let you hump raw so she can have the baby
>regularly practice hand to hand combat and knife play to protect you
>check your phone calls and emails every hour
>check your mail to make sure you aren't sending physical letters to girls

is the only reason to wake up in the morning.
Just remember anon, you have to leave your house so she can see you. She'll never find you if you are a NEET shut-in
After all this time I still don't understand why her VA doesn't have more roles.

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>hero wanna be
>does nothing while his friend is constantly raped behind his back
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Sakura is irrelevant.

HF was supposed to be Illya's route. She's the heroine in the same way Saber and Rin were in their routes and gets way more focus and face time.

Wormslut was just shoehorned in as a plot device and end goal.
>does nothing while his friend is constantly raped behind his back- 0 post shown.
When does that happen?
the irony of your post astounds

ITT: We mention one thing we don't like or consider a flaw in our favorite show.

To me that thing in Evangelion would be the character designs. There's lots of things to like about the aesthetics of the series. The great mecha/kaiju designs, the more trippy sequences, framing, composition and editing. But I feel in contrast to all of this the character designs are rather generic and uninteresting. They also lack this general cohesion that lots of other shows like Lain, Casshern, Utena or TTGL have. It looks as if each character was done by a seperate person and then someone redrew them all with the similar facial style.
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You are out of your mind. Sadamoto is on a league of his own.
Really? I thought the character designs were great.
Asuka, Misato, Rei, Gendo, and Kaworu particularly stuck out to me.

I guess Shinji's is a bit generic for an MC, but I think that was the point.
I have mixed feelings about him. In FLCL, Honneamise and Diebuster his designs worked great and have a certain unity to them but in Eva and his work with Hasoda they just lack that and look rather generic.

I mean just look at the characters of the shows I mentioned or something like Kaiba, Tatami Galaxy, Bebop or Angel's Egg. Not only are none of them generic but they all fit perfectly together, share color palettes and have a unique, specific style.

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