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What went wrong?
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near happen

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am i tripping or has no one made a new thread yet
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Because some people who don't want to be friends have shown up.
I didn't notice anything. They were talking about raccoons and cotton candy.
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Arai-san got stuck when I tried to post her!

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What did the damegami mean by this?
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would you let the padded goddess fill you up with her perverted girldick?
Kurisu doesn't shave.
Aqua is a slut.
it ain't gay if you don't look at or touch it right?

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Why does everyone give her shit and say her breasts are too big but....
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....she gets a pass? Explain this whore shit.
Lucoa is a goddess, not a human.

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So I just finished NHK and I don’t know if I love it or hate it. It was so relatable and it had a good lesson which I liked, but it was so unrealistic with the addition of misaki… she just doesn't fit in this anime by being so unrealistic but at the same time without her it would suck. What do you guys think of nhk?
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It's a story, it's fictional. The author probably just imagined a situation where he had someone come to his door and bring him back to society, and he went off from there. It's a big "what if" scenario.
Look at you, mister "reality expert"
so a girl randomly coming to my home to get me to do something will happen? can't wait.

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Do people without a foot fetish actually like this movie? Easily Shinkai's worse movie, the plot was a generic love story with high definition well drawn feet.

5CM > Your Name > The Place Promised in Our Early Days > Children >>>>>>>>> Garden of Words
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I thought it was awful too. But that rating scale you got there is not right either, all of Shinkai's shit is cliché melodramatic tripe, they're all equally awful.
>he watches them for the story
It was okay, but the imagery generally disgusted me.
Fucking footfags.

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Say what you want about Seo, but all of his girls are extremely fuckable.
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But they all look the same
well the fuuka's do

Fuuka 2's tits are way bigger and nicer.
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>story starts out preaching that birthright means nothing and even the biggest retard can become something great if he tries hard enough
I've been an unapologetic shonenfag for a very long time and this is probably one of the worst story developments I've ever read.
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It gets worse in Boruto

>part one preaches that hard work can overcome talent or birthright
>MC's own son decides "fuck hard work, I'm gonna cheat my rite of passage by using technology"

Is kishimoto trying to tell us something?
>all caps

Nothing more cancerous than the Naruto spammer
>cancer calling something cancerous

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When did anime stop having a budget and why? Is it a recent thing?
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It's been that way for a long time. Look at all the outsourcing and even crowdfunding. You think they'd still put that kind of loving detail you see in that webm to this day with every show? Not even close. Much of what you see now is South Korean, Chinese, and even Vietnamese produced. Now, if it was all in-house Japanese done by skilled animators, you'd see a very marked improvement visually. Budgets are shrinking because a lot of people are losing interest in seeing batches of material come out that have no originality. Not quite enough money gets invested or made anymore when we here an underage tart say "onii-chan" in a cute, high-pitched voice, but in a perverse way far removed from how Sakura meant it.

You want a budget for your shows? This is a rarity, today. You'd just best sift through the crap in order to find the upper layer that is worth watching.
when all the good seiyuu got old and demanded more money
That's not even impressive.
And that sequence is from the first episode and better animated that almost everything will come after.

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How many of you guys have seen Infinite Ryvius?

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Watched it with my Anime club, back when that still existed. Don't remember much about the plot except for all the adults die, leaving a surviving ship full of cadets to operate a spaceship. And something about a kuudere Rei clone ship's avatar.
I did, it was highly hyped, for no reason.
>anime club

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Was Ange always this fat?
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>reading the manga
>golden truth just announced
i'm gettin sick of this bullshit

Help! I'm in love with Aqua.
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Then there's nothing to help you with
She's a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.
is that cum on her legs

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Remember when Gintama was a comedy show?
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Really miss those fillers with farts episodes.
The potion love OVAs were literally 10/10. I hope we get more OVAs or just another season focused on the comedy.
When does it stop being a comedy show. I get bored with straight gag all the time which is why I haven't bothered to watch it yet.

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Cho Cho
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Oh, my! Just imagining the rage and salt of Dennisfags make me so excited!


How cute they will look when the new Performage boss sucks and Dennis gets butchered like all other characters!
Would fuck.

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Oh shit nigger!

The main character of the last anime you watched is now sent to hunt you down.
The main character of the last manga you read is your bodyguard.

How fucked are you?
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>Akko Kagari
>Ninja Slayer
I'm fine.
>Chirico Cuvie vs Saiki Kusuo
gg ez
A boyish highschool girl vs a fit middle school girl.

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