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>Trigger C92 Book scans never
>Kengo C92 Book scans never
>Bokujoukun Scans never
>Stand By Me Scans never
>Other NSFW LWA Doujin scans never
>LWA LN hasn't been scanned until today
>Some Newtype magazine with LWA official art hasn't been scanned until today
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first for elf
There are at least three Andrew x Akko doujins in C93. Start saving now.
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What is this expression supposed to convey?

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3x3 thread please r8 and don't h8 okay m8?
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Good taste, faggy post. Stand by because you're in for it.
Stop spreading cancer it's unwanted here. Take it somewhere else.

What is his master plan? Who am I kidding, Armin will outsmart him and manlet will make sopa de macaco with him. Is there any chance for him to give us a cool moment before any of that happens?
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>Armin will outsmart him and will also make sopa de macaco with him
>Armong Kills Manlet

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why do I see kids wearing what looks like hard hats in anime?
pic related
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For safety.
But they are not actually hard.
Japan is under constant, daily threat of earthquakes and meteor showers.
It's so japanese trucks can see them better.

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Was on S2 Episode 20(?) And I swear I was fucking about to puke for the rest of the night and 1/3rd of today. every knows vagina's are gross I dont want to see a spawn emerge from it

Does this shit get worst or should I just hang it up?
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>I love this series so far
Stopped reading there.
Dubs would be nice

>should I just hang it up?

Yes. Sounds like SAO would be a better choice for you.

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Is this /fa/?
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No, it's /a/.
You can tell by the big letters right underneath the banner.
It's only one letter off. Close enough
you mean /fat/?

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Why does this anime get no love?
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becuase it's trash
Do threads for this anime are ded?
No love? Is getting ranked high in several faggot lists like MAL; it is 2ch favorite show of the season.

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does anyone knows what was this short? it really looks like kemono friends
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the whole short: https://twitter.com/mogmog123123/status/897427659315007489?s=09
>run on front of the train
Rip little girl.
irodori are the team behind kemono friends. This short seems to be based off of a much older one they made in 2012 that is on nico still.

Decided to rewatch this today as I've not seen it in over 5 years, was great but wow. Some of the things they had her do, the rape scene was understandable given she was trying to launch her career as an actor, but a nude photoshoot, I could understand her doing standard clothed gravure, but a nude shoot, were they intentionally trying to run her career into the ground? I know they said the photographer was an "expert" at getting these girls to go stark, but that implies she could have refused to where in her case she was clearly expected to just go nude.
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>when he turns your waifu into a slut
>but a nude shoot, were they intentionally trying to run her career into the ground?
Kim Kardashian was a nobody till her naked body became public knowledge.

Her idol career was over, her manager wanted a new "mature" musician and actress image, posing nude was a career booster, that purity thing is only for idols, which is the base premisse of the villain's motif for getting pissed, her pure idol image was gone.
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Where can I find a husband like Fat? For eugenics and stuff
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>useless quirk
>shit tier hero
>can't even protect 2 children
Why would anyone want this failure as a husband?
Fat people are disgusting in real life and have shit genetics.
>yfw Hori calls in sick again this week

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New thread starting now
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RIP froppy
What's your superpower /a/?
Both Grapefag and Togafag were my doing before i got bored and someone else took of with this

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thread go
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Is this good?
I'm not a fan of episodes with double-duration.
picked up
Tsubasa is cute
and double

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Which one?
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Lets be honest

though you will say you like right you'll go after left
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>Which one
They belong together.

anime has conditioned me to think the one on the left is a slut and the one on the right is just poor.

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I fixed Megumin.
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Stop begging for my attention

This is an improvement. Regular Megumin is shit.
Does she have a dick?

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Fucking hell this was bad.
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you are probably just too straight
Shit taste.
It was a good series.
It was OK.

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