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>it's a "secret child experiments to explain the MC's unique disposition" backstory
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Ichinose a best.
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This is an oppai loli
Say something nice about her

Will we ever get more scene with this faggot? his backstory with azazel looks interesting but still we doesnt know shit of him.

(sorry for bad english tho)
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more shiny would be good
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Sort of?

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He's the best thing about the Bahamut world and GBF.

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Is Arpeggio anime any good? I started playing WoWs recently, and starting to get interest in warships. I know nothing about ships though.
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In the 20 minutes it took you to bump this shit thread you could have watched an episode and formed your own opinion.
It has boat girls that I want to fuck.

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Putrid gay rat
ah yes finnish song memes
stop posting contentless threads

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Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 6
the entire episode was just some goats is this kino?
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>Sorry but we couldn't finish this week's episode on time although it's a 3-minute animation using Flash so here's a footage of some goats

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You hear it, you lose.
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Currently rewatching Brotherhood, I didn't remember the first episode being so shit.
If I as to introduce someone to it, I would tell them to start with ep2. It explains how it all started and how alchemy works. Ep1 just throws a lot of gibberish onto the one watching it that you have no way of understanding if you started with the anime and that just turns most people off
it was meant for fans of the 03 series and manga, sorta like "fuck yeah, we're back" kind of statement. That kind of mentality also explains why Brotherhood was in such a hurry to get to the parts of the manga that were never adapted.

UK senpai check in, just got out the theater
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How was it, anon-kun?
I missed the first five/ten minutes because the cinema kiosk queues were so long (for other movies, not this one) so I hardly got off to a smooth start - but I enjoyed it, the regular changes between the real world and the alternate parallel reality in her dreams kept things exciting. I'll probably have to watch it again when the BD drops.
Portsmouth checking in

Really good, definitely caught me off guard as I wasn't expecting a great deal. It was told well and had good pacing, and really nice visuals - also the dream/reality tandem dynamic is something that I've wanted done well for ages.

Also dat soundtrack

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Dumping chapter 9 before it gets uploaded to batoto. Get in here, all 3 of you anons.
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Would you forgive and impregnate her?

Raynare did nothing wrong. I would knock her up. Plus Issei is an unlikable prick that is only tolerable because a bigger peace of shit comes into the picture. Making him the less of two evils. That's it.

And honestly Raynare, Kenoko, and Xenovia are the only truly interesting girls in the series.
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You sound like a whipped specimen that would put up a shitty wife that would make your life a living hell, but you still find her cute and is sure to work on 3 different jobs to support her and the children she had with other men behind your back.
I would hatefuck her and then kill her on the spot.
Do you genuinely forgive her or do you just want to fuck her?

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ITT: share animes that you really like but not a mainstream/ well known one

Donten ni Warau
Casshern Sins
Seikai no Senki
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Why are you posting a non/a/ picture you got on facebook?

missclick perhaps

Why not? this is a good pic

ITT: Yamato Nadeshico

Birb thread
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I want to rape Tsukihi.
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dumb pigeon

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yay, [s4s] on /a/
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Pick one and only one.
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>dwarves built a waifubot before going extinct
>not a shortstack
It's a hard choice between DFC demon and elf.

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So in theory, if I drank Yotsuha's Kuchikamizake, I could actually become the little girl?
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1 Wihx_pVelqBtbgnZOa5TRA@2x.jpg
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Gookscans soon.

One Piece 875: A woman’s honor.
Chopper and Brook are heading towards the Sunny.
Choppers sees that a fishman is doing something.
Luffy and the rest are still running away from Big Mom.
As Big Mom is close to her, the Vivre card has no effect anymore.
Nami continues to produce the thundercloud.
Big Mom calls back Zeus but he’s still distraced by the thundercloud.
Nami uses her ability and creates a weather egg and seduces Zeus.
Prometheus tries to get Zeus back.
Luffy attacks with a Jet Gatling to avenge King Baum.
But it doesn’t impact Prometheus.
Jinbei then attacks Prometheus and this time it works.
According to Jinbei, Prometheus is an incarnation of flame, so it’s basically like a big fire talking to them.
Zeus gets hooked by the weather egg.
Zeus is in great joy because of how delicious it is.
And because he ate the weather egg, he became even bigger.
Nami activates the weather egg that’s inside Zeus.
A huge thunder hits Big Mom.
Chopper and Brook arrive at the Sunny but Perospero and co await them.
Chopper and Brook get ready to fight to get back the Sunny.
Meanwhile, Pudding and chiffon flying above the forest to find Sanji.
Chiffon says that she wants to return the favors to the ones that helped out Lola and show her honor.
Pudding finds Sanji.
Pudding: “Big sister, he’s there! Sa…Sa…Sanji san (heart eyes)”
But she turns to her evil face: “That guy Sanji is there!”
Chiffon: Wait what?!
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>The absolute state of sanafags
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Daily reminder that Robin canonically has brown eyes.
>Pudding is just Tsundere
and I thought SaNafags were bad...

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