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Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 1/5
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This is just cruel. He fucking rejected Soma once again, even in this rewritten world. Why, God, why? Shy does she have to suffer so much? Why does she have to be rejected yet again by the person she is so devoted to?
Why is Kei a loli?

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Was anyone really not expecting Togashi to kill off a cute girl first?
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Is Togashi gay?
>09 Hunter c.361
Hunterfags on suicide watch

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Looks like all that schoolwork BLEW UP on them.
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I guess some of them had pretty EXPLOSIVE personalities
Get back to doing your homework anon.
That teacher probably had a SHORT FUSE

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At this time about 15 years ago, Princess Tutu aired in Japan.
It's time for a thread to remember this great piece of work.

Has this anime withstood the test of time?
Have you went to those ballet classes yet?
Why is this series so good?
Princess Tutu thread.
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>15 years since airing
>only got the OST now

I could have just searched the stuff on youtube, but still.
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>no one remembers tutu

Oh well. I tried.
How about that. I was actually planning on rewatching it. I enjoyed Princess Tutu immensely when I first watched it. It took a little bit to finally get going, but when it did it was magical. I liked it for its fairy tale vibe. Characters I did not care for initially started growing on me. I especially liked the woman reading a story at the beginning of each episode. It loosely reminded me of the narration from one of my favorite video games, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
They felt similar to me because of how they set the tone and overall events to follow.

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Do people actually like this character?
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best girl desu
ok ok second best

next to Tsuruya

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Why are the best girls always called rei?
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Counterexample: Asuka > Rei.
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OPs theory got REKT.

How are the villains in shounen always more interesting than the lead protagonist/-s?

Pic very much related.
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I think Yotsuba is more interesting than Yanda.
Because Shounen protagonists are trash and the villains have cool designs
Lead protags are meant to be simple and relatable while villains are supposed to be a foreign identity.

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This is Shinobu, say something nice about her.
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Araragi is such a manlet lmao
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But that's Kisshot

They're all manlets desu because Japanese is a manlet nation, someone post the height lineup chart but with all the monogatari characters. Most of them are under 170cm (5' 7~" for burgers)
Poor guy got his growth spurt halted thanks to being a vampire.

season 5 fucking when?
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No manga to advertise means no advertisements. If they pick it back up, we might get some more animation to whet our appetite, otherwise, zilch.
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TLR anime.png
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But the anime design and colors are shit.

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Say hello to the 6 time champion
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I'm not satisfied with Megumi's ranking. She was a top 3 contender.
Hello OP's mum.
Why is Nozomi there?

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Do people hate Umaru because they genuinely hate the character/show or is mostly because of the annoying and loud fanbase?
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I'm not sure if she even has a fanbase. People can shitpost a show without liking it.
Some of both, I think, but I have only encountered people who does not like Umaru.
only mentally disturbed siscons hate her

and of course, Onii-chan. The main rageposter

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baikupisode, subs soon
They're back.
But more importantly: full OP when?
I love these two

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spoilers when?
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A quirk that lets all of your joints rotate 360 degrees.
I don't blame you for making another thread. The other one is cancer.
I've thought about this specific quirk a lot and I think it would be dope for a combat quirk. I imagine a very fast hero rotating joints for maximum momentum.

Plus it would make for some funny slice of life stuff.

I just got done watching naruto (part 1) it was a trimmed version so it had no filler and alot of flashbacks and other stuff was removed and I loved it.

Should I try watching ''shipudden''? I've read alot of negative things about it.
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As a guy who watched the entiriety of Shippuden, just go play Storm
Oddly I literally found out about Naruto Kai as well just yesterday. My issue is that I'm so ridiculously familiar with the series so I'm probably enjoying less than I would have.

There's a trimmed version for Shippuuden as well from what I understand so give that a try if you like the original. In the long run it doesn't hold up, but there's some good parts and the Pain arc is a highlight of the whole series.
It's mostly the last arc that gets a lot of shit, but if you like part 1 then you'll probably like everything until the end of the Pain arc.

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6th episode is here
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And we're back to bullying.
Is this just plain middle/high school SoL?
About to watch it, just for Minori and her thighs.

No, it's a story that touches bullying themes and hopefully, hopefully won't end as a tragedy.

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