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This is actually a really comfy show

Im genuinely surprised
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The cast of characters is enjoyable. Shame about the lack of good fanart for the series.
Can we use lessons from this show to revitalize these threads?
PA is one of the best and most consistent studios if you ask me. They need more attention

Will we ever get another masterpiece like monogatari?
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Doubt it.
SHAFT is unbeatable, after all.
>Owari s2 is the greatest anime of all time according to MAL

Damn, better watch it then
I wish all the shitgatari posters would die in their sleep, both serious and ironic. Why are you constantly flooding the board with this trash? Can't you contain it in one thread? Is that too much too ask from subhuman garbage like yourselves?

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>untalented hack mangakas you hate with a burning passion

My vote goes for Miki Yoshikawa and this piece of shit. Both of her works resemble the same shitty vibe. Atrstyle is hideous as well.
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Both her manga didn't know when to end either, both of them went on for way too long where the initial premise didn't lend itself well to keep going and going
Sorry anon, but it looks like I have to introduce another set of seven witches now, this is all your fault.
Sup guise, it's a-me

The shittiest cluster fuck of a manga in the universe

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- They're now outside the forest, and ended up in a deserted place.
- Sonju told them they're no demons in this place.
- Musica gave to emma a kind of amulet to protect them.
- She said something like," your future lies beyond the 7 walls" (not sure about this part)
- Sonju and Musica separate from the children.
- they wanted initially to bring back the childre to the Plant. but Sonju wanted to help the children out to break the " promise".
- He said that this promise cant be broken unless it's humans who break it. He said Emma may be able to beak it.
- Musica said that Sonju wants to eat humans.
- he said something about necessity of eating. and about hunting is not exactly a betrayal of their faith to God (not sure about this part).
- He said he would eat anything as long as it's a natural product.
- something about human population growing, if humans population grows you can definitely hunt and eat them.
- something about he regrets not having kept one of them (not sure about it)
- sonju asked Musica what did she talk with emma earlier, she answered that she just told her the usual farewells.
- Musica is so sorry for Emma & co.
- she thinks the future they're seeking is different from the one sonju is longing for. She hopes they'll manage to make their dream comes true.
- she said something about the promise.
- Emma is touching the pendant Musica gave her while crossing the wilde zone.
- After checking the pen, they found out their current localization is B06-32, but something is wrong, the place is deserted seemingly, there's noone and nothing there.
I was busy and had to get off the series just when they entered the forest, will pick up later. Are the threads always this dead?
The actual chapter discussions aren't

Where are my Jeanbros
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I like Jean but he deserves better than Mikasa.
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Levi and Hanji are grabbing each other ass
Jean deserves nothing.

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Why is the most hypest moment in the opening never actually happen in the anime?
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Also when are we ever going to get a creditless version of this shit?
That looks like the dumbest thing imaginable.
Welcome to naruto.

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What's that?
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a bomb
Poor Usami, she gets bullied too much in this manga.
250 pages ero doujin

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This girl is Japanese.
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Is this the most patrician animu?
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It's good but it's pretty entry level actually.
It was pretty cool.
No, literally only the west cares about bebopshit.

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S2 with more of her when?
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The chance for more of this is already gone. Nobody even remembers they liked this show anymore. It already falls under the "Oh that one was actually good. Why did they never make an s2 again?" territory.
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Zero. It's sad, but you'll have to accept it.

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>best looking Rin to date
>people shit on her regardless for being ugly
Why? Show me a better picture of Rin from the series.
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I like blonde rin.
He image has been tarnished.

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Can we have a discussion on Angel Beats with shitposting kept at a bare minimum? I wonder how my young adult self became teary-eyed on songs that I can't even understand.
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i cant understand how people say this is one of the best/sadest anime ever.
songs were good though
No, it's fucking terrible garbage, and you should feel bad for watching it/liking it.
Still waiting for the second game, I'm sure lot of people are curious about TK's past or is Takamatsu the speed guy from Charlotte.

One Piece 875: A woman’s honor.

Chopper and Brook are heading towards the Sunny.

Choppers sees that a fishman is doing something.

Luffy and the rest are still running away from Big Mom.

As Big Mom is close to her, the Vivre card has no effect anymore.

Nami continues to produce the thundercloud.

Big Mom calls back Zeus but he’s still distraced by the thundercloud.

Nami uses her ability and creates a weather egg and seduces Zeus.

Prometheus tries to get Zeus back.

Luffy attacks with a Jet Gatling to avenge King Baum.

But it doesn’t impact Prometheus.

Jinbei then attacks Prometheus and this time it works.

According to Jinbei, Prometheus is an incarnation of flame, so it’s basically like a big fire talking to them.

Zeus gets hooked by the weather egg.

Zeus is in great joy because of how delicious it is.

And because he ate the weather egg, he became even bigger.

Nami activates the weather egg that’s inside Zeus.

A huge thunder hits Big Mom.

Chopper and Brook arrive at the Sunny but Perospero and co await them.

Chopper and Brook get ready to fight to get back the Sunny.

Meanwhile, Pudding and chiffon flying above the forest to find Sanji.

Chiffon says that she wants to return the favors to the ones that helped out Lola and show her honor.

Pudding finds Sanji.

Pudding: “Big sister, he’s there! Sa…Sa…Sanji san (heart eyes)”
But she turns to her evil face: “That guy Sanji is there!”

Chiffon: Wait what?!
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SaNa fags btfo
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>tfw the final boss is actually zolo

>$1500 AUD

I don't know where else to talk about this but is this worth it? I've never seen a unit 01 cel out in the wild so i feel ill never get a chance like this again
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Do it you fucking nigger.
>1500 dollarydoos for a cel
Probably not.
a better option? All main characters and only $475

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How is yours looking /a/?
>Umaru is also coming this fall
Looks like Doga Kubo won this time around.
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Winter: Maidragon
Spring: Tsuki ga Kirei
Summer: Made in Abyss

For fall: I don't like the art for the new Kino, but I might just be nostalgiafagging. Hopefully the writing/pacing/OST makes up for it.
Winter: All shows were fucking shit, none of them deserve AOTS but Gabriel DropOut or Rakugo are probably the cloests (they still werent great)
Spring: Tsuki ga Kirei, its not even close. Uchouten afterwards since it got rid of all the problems I had with the first season.
Summer: Same as winter, every show is fucking bad. As of right its probably PriPri since MiA bores the living hell out of me for some reason, all I do is take screencaps of pretty backgrounds. It doesnt get me remotely as much as the manga.
Kemono Friends
N/A- Spring was one of the worst anime seasons I have ever sat through. Good riddance

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