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How would you raise Kanna?
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Pull out the willy, and let her give me the sucky sucky.
anon why are you hugging her with your pants off

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GOAT anime only
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GOAT of shit maybe
HEY! That's not Cowboy Bebop!
coming through

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Why does no one love her anymore?
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Should've stayed a loli
Ungrateful slut.
Should have ended after saving her. Show took a nosedive in quality afterwards.

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Is the moon coming out tonight?
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>tfw Gundam X's Satellite cannon was first to come in my mind
You fail. At least use a good pic of Takane.
The moon isn't real.

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Mashiro is for _____.
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Let's discuss the greatest show created by man.
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More like legends of Galactic cucks
Was Rudolf right? Did he do anything wrong?

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Why is Chino so sensible, /a/?
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She's a growing girl
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Because of the girls around her.
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Ganbatte Syaro-chan. You'll be No.2 someday >>161194202

Generate and post. Let's go!
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Fuck off and kill yourself already.
just what this board needs. another general.
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post your waifus that aren't perfect but you still love

So, it seems Americans finally started officially publishing English version of Monogatari series (I realized this yesterday when I discovered the book at Barnes&Nobles).

However, I'm having issue finding the translators name and who he is, does anyone have a clue?
I'm really picky about translators because I read monogatari series in non-Japanese foreign language done by a professional.
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You must be blind.
Learn nip and import the novels.
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Senpai this is the sixth Monogatari thread, stop.
The novels have been released since like start of the year, probably a bit earlier.
Also, are you fucking retarded?

If they made a live action Welcome to the NHK movie who would play in it /a/?.
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a loser like you
>a loser like you

Not an argument you fucking normie go back to /b/

Anyone who say this is a normalfag.

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>Trained to kill men with his tongue
Why was he such a literal faggot?
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It's really easy to kill people if you pretend to get caught and are still able to fight.
That's actually pretty impressive, Goku never beat anybody with his tongue before.
Imagine if you were incapacitated or tied up and you have to kill someone without your limbs.

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If there exists a doujin of you and your waifu what would be their tags?
Mine would be...
Consent sex
Heart pupils

My taste is shit i know but i want to know /a/ tastes too

Pic unrelated
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Very boring but very pure and non-degenerate
well done faggot you're less degenerate than most
Footjob, Anal, Femdom, Paizuri, blowjob, impregnate, Happy Sex, defloration, age regression, reverse rape, pantyjob.

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Please tell me why Japan normalizes mental illness in Anime

Why is this acceptable?
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Superstitious people don't believe mental illness.
I agree, anime should be banned as it normalizes mental illness.
Because it's moe

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I heard this is getting an anime, so here's a new chapter!
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Table of content, not really important, but whatever.
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In anime comedies, do you generally prefer gag-based humor or character interaction-based humor?
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I prefer when they actually manage to be funny.
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>you will never brush the gj bu's hair
GJ-bu was painfully unfunny and boring.

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