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Looks pretty sweet. Polygon Pictures does it again.
It looks promising. But since it's Urobuchi, I'm going to call the big plot twist now. Godzilla is human, or a mass of humans fused together into one like Sibyl from Psycho Pass. Add in some philosophical message about what it means to be human and evolve and that's usually Urobuchi's big twist.
This 13fps animation is awesome! Polygon did incredible job once again!

Just fucking kill me

Do you guys find girls with short hair more attractive than girls with long hair?

To clarify I me REAL girls. Non of that trap or genderbend shit.

Honestly I love girls with short hair but I think it depends on the girl and the style they have. Like, girls like Rem, koneko, Touka and videl pull it off pretty well. But then there's the darkside to it, there are cute girls that end up having guy like hair, like Ritsu from kawai complex, or Kyouko from Demichan.They're cute but they can easily be mistaken for a guy. Which it said.

Honestly trap animes fucking ruined short hair for anime girls.period.
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>REAL girls
Are you sure you are on the right board?
Sorry I meant "I Mean". I fucked up.

I mean Real Girls as in girl characters that are actually girls. Born with tits and a vag. Not some fag in drag or some dude that got transformed.

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Has anybody seen any kind of update for volume 6? It hasn't/needs an update. We are long over do.
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just buy it
>over do
You mean overdue
Easy mistake. My bad.
I was going to, but that doesn't mean I don't want to read it online.

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who IS best girl?
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The audience.
When do new chapters get released?

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Season 3 announcement in 46 days.
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IT tried to start round 2 with Othinus after his fingers broke, was about to shred HP, and attacked Aiwass after he tore Touma's shoulder. They seem to be getting more and more riled up as time progresses. At this rate Touma getting a papercut might end up killing everyone in the area.
IT dindu nuffin! IT a good boi.

What did she mean by this?
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He asked to loan money from her didn't he.
>blushing Shinobu

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dumping Friend Quest
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Does /a/ still hate Pochaco?
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literally who
No, /a/ wants to fuck Pochaco.
yes and please leave and never return

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Which would you rather work for?
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Fuck off you loser.
Big boss. D-dogs forever. Spetsnaz girl can tag along on the boss wagon.
Venom Snake. I'd probably not be a field combatant, so I wouldn't have to worry about dying in battle. I'd probably just help with base maintenance, doing stuff like cooking and cleaning. Someone's got to feed all those soldiers, after all.

Getting roped into helping Kaz build the perfect burger would be fun.

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People always discuss Ryuko Vs. Satsuki, but how about pic related? Left or right?
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Both are the only good girls, I choose Ryouko because that voice is sex.
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Left because she seems like the kind of girl that could cheer you up easily whenever you feel down.
Left is genuinely retarded, so out of these two - right. They are both gay for one-another, though, so it doesnt matter who we choose.

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Shinka hates you!
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>Shinka-sama notice me!
Feeling is mutual
I want to see you both settle your differences.

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New chapter is out, enjoy
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>it's yuri incest slice of life
>but with deep lore
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Keep that shit in /tv/.
this is like woa
>love pentagon

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Is this visual allegory when a crossdressing male becomes extremely feminine and grows childbearing hips from one panel to the next, or is it artist incompetence?
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Maybe he's on the trap diet.
Reminder: Traps are gay.
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boisex is bestsex

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Do people know that the ecchi board exists?
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that board exist only for image dumping, you cant discuss shit like how cowtits is better than flat board
Half of /a/ would disappear if people actually knew /e/ was a thing.
The what now?

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