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>make a family-oriented show
>perfect for mornings where housewives can watch it
>airs at fucking midnight
Why do japs are so bad at scheduling tv series?
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Because it's Pedobait: the show, and pedos are active at night
>>airs at fucking midnight
Right when the housewives return from work.
They replay it on sundays, when chrismas cakes are on their home contemplating suicide because no one has made a family with them.

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>tfw the manga scanlation stopped a year or two ago
I'll never know what happened in Dragon's Crown manga now compared to the game.
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where did you find the manga ?
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elf 2.jpg
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I bet they fought some monsters and looted a lot.
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I read it on batoto back then, it should be there still i think

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me on bottom right
Evan gay lion?

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DHTaV6EU0AU352f.jpg orig.jpg
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Better queens than two chunni lizards.
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Dorothy is the queen of my sexual fantasies.
>So... you are a lizard too?
>when Beato is singing and the crowd starts cheering for her so she turns to wave at them

How can anyone not love her after this episode?

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Can I even call myself a fan of Japanese animation if I've never seen past season 1 of Monogatari?
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Yes, Bakemonogatari is the only important one. Maybe watch Kizumonogatari too.
It's actually okay to jump between entries in this series? I thought I'd be lost.

I actually did try to watch the second season but had to stop because the thought of having a girlfriend who would lock me up for my own protection was giving me an unhealthy fetish.
No you have to watch NGE and LoGH in order to be called a fan of anime.. is what your average user of /a/ would say.

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Who would win.

>Tetsuo Shima at his zenith
>Shigeo Kageyama at his full power
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??? isn't mob

Tetsuo has a smaller arsenal. Shigeo at peek also seems to be on par with akira then Tetsuo.

From what I understand of both series. Tetsuo is much more powerful at his baseline. If he can defeat Shigeo before he is in full power he will likely win.

At peek powers Tetsuo is similar in power but id say a tier below.

If this was Tetsuo when he becomes a 'deity' then Shigeo would be fucked in the long run.

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Is it too late for a Tamamo Tuesday
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Tamamo is a fucking goddess. If she says it's Tuesday, it's Tuesday.
I want those Tamamos on my face.
I want THESE Tamamos on my face
And by that I mean her feet

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What are your favorite manga? Mine are, in no particular order:
Fire Punch
Vinland Saga
To you, the Immortal
Vagabond (though I'm only at chapter ~230 or so)
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Rec threads as a whole I believe
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Wagts with that misplaced nose lol.

Let's have a Cromartie thread. What are your favorite episodes and characters?
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Just started watching this again myself. I'm about halfway done and this scene almost had me in tears. Episode 3 was surprisingly still good the second time around; I don't know how they managed to make 10 minutes of dudes humming a song funny, but it worked. Hokuto and Takenouchi might be my favorite characters, but most scenes involving Mechazawa are hilarious as well.
I still like first episode, the fact that the mc have his pencil eaten by the other guy and the fact that he even drop more pencil for him to eat...
What did he meme by this

Ready for more Bronami?
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Kushida is my pure virgin wife!
Sorry, but your wife is known for trying to blackmail people but as we know the better proof she can have is DNA in the cum
5 mins

get in here niggas

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I think that's a lady.
Normalfags should go and stay go.

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What were they thinking?
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>play team sport

Why are the characters in sports anime so fucking dumb?
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That's a misrepresentation of what they thought, but whatever.
it's even worse when they play 1v1 sports and realize this
But anon, THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP will inevitably bring them victory.

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friendly reminder that she is back
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Back where
Third(3rd) season when?
Her show's singer retired, though.

New LN.

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Hidamari Sketch is the pinnacle of the SOL genre

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like
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Is that a fact?
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Anything for a Wide thread, sure
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for wide children

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