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Who was in the wrong here?
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>Who was in the wrong here?
I think the evidence points in your direction, OP.
What did he mean by this?
What the fuck was his problem?

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What is he looking at /a/?
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death note
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Porn of himself.
a petite heaven

New episode out, boys.
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I forgot to watch episode 4 the week it came out and now I'm too lazy to catch up. Should I catch up?
If you liked the previous three, yes, I would say so. It has kept a similar pacing throughout the episodes so far.

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Literally me
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Literally who?
gee arata-san, how come you get to have TWO grimoire lolis?

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Wait so this isn't an anime I can jack off to?
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Every anime is an anime that you can jack off to, dumb phonefag.
Sorry for not being a NEET and leaving my house.

name a single anime I can't fap to, you can't, because I fapped to all of them

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Daddy is happy to see his cute baby again
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>Forgot to pull out during the two and a half minutes
>More Uchiha would be dangerous
>Well, time to finish the job
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Is the Seventh a dirty liar?
File: DHLylMnUIAAWYtF.jpg (185KB, 550x1532px)Image search: [Google]
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Who will inherit KaibaCorp if Seto dies without leaving a proper heir?
He should've at least hit on with Ishizu and make blue eyed babies but his autism blew her ass away.
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Some guy who works there? Corporations aren't monarchies
>Some guy who works there?
Did this ever happened in huge companies?
>Kaiba either invented time travel or a way to duel Atem in the afterlife
>Kaiba can't create a blue eyes white dragon girl to make children with
Surely you jest

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What girl do you love seeing in thigh high socks?

I love girls in all kinds of legwear such as Knee socks, stocks and even ankle sock, but I find thigh highs to be tops.
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File: megumi.png (179KB, 363x610px)Image search: [Google]
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Megumi is a best
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Actually pantyhose is the best.

I agree that they're up there, but it's just something about thigh highs at pu them at the top.

I do have some special planed for stockings thou.

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I hate evangelion.
But how did eva change the industry, i already watched digibros video, i want more shit like that.

Are there any texts i can read so i can believe that?
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Mainly that it was an original series that wasn't based of a manga that was a huge success.
Which led to other companies making original series before the light novel nation attacked.
Kill yourself.
But has anyone that sailed on the eva sucess ever said that?
and the light novel nation came from haruhi?

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Misato > Asuka >Rei
I will post this everyday until you understand
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Drunkard whore.
>implying drunkard hoes ain't cash

>implying rei is high enough to contend with Asuka and Misato

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Girls must not lay with other girls
-The Bible
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Love labs are totally hetero though.

This. Love Labs are the least gay of any CGDCT cast.
Love Lab would have been much more interesting if it was lolis instead of JCs.

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I am in love with a side character.
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File: Ritsu MAGA 1.png (629KB, 569x606px)Image search: [Google]
Ritsu MAGA 1.png
629KB, 569x606px
you would be, wouldn't you anon
I know how you feel.
see you in court, OP

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Do you watch harem anime every season?
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Absolutely. Unless of course there are none.

No, yellow best girl though. Shame she never got the special she deserved.

No matter what show I watch it is a harem on some level

Does this count as cheating?
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Kou is her father figure, get it already.
Cheating is when you get hired by a major game developer straight out of highschool.
>One-trick company desperate enough to hire high schooler
>major game dev
Eagle Jump is a joke

File: flat,800x800,070,f.jpg (88KB, 561x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Daily reminder if you dont agree that Kotegawa is best girl then you should commit sudoku.
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Second best!

Run a best, cuz boyish-acting girls are cute. And no, I don't like dickgirls.
What a shitty fucking unoriginal garbage design .
If you actually like her you are either a normalfag or just a very boring person
I haven't looked at anything TLR related in about four years, but I do not remember her looking this retarded.

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