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What was his problem?
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A believer in a shitty situation.
being the only sensible person in a committee of people acting against the good of the country
he had to justify spending billions on the satellite laser cannon

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I came earlier today. Thanks though.
I don't know how to deal with this
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I just finished season 2 of "Little Witch Academia" and I must say I'm very satisfied. And I'm wondering if I'm not the only one who was satisfied. What did you think about it?
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I thought it was shit...but I want to rail Akko's fat ass so hard, she can't walk properly for a week—good lord take a look at these grody feet on my captcha, is she just trying those shoes on? They clearly don't work for her lmfao
Why is that?
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>season 2
Please leave

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Initial D thread

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Bunta prequel?
would be nice

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Has anyone ever read Yaiba?
(This was made by the same dude who does Detective Conan.)
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I have all volumes and the Game Gear game, probably one of the few series where the manga has more fillers than the anime. It's comfy and all but as far as battle shonen goes, it's painfully bottom of the barrel tier.

Great OP/ED

I remmember watching the anime as a kid and loving it. That's pretty much it.
the beginning was fun, but once they gained the special powers it kinda went off the rails

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New chapter out, friends.
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>Nonhuman Reincarnation
>Ends up humanoid in the end
Every time
The LN seems to have changed it to where she's still an Arachne, so now she's only half-humanoid.
where is it now in the story? monkey business? lethal lava land?

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Does /a/ like romance anime?

I just finished Say "I love you" and I thought it was pretty good.
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Boring girl falls in love with popular guy. it was kind of bland but nice presentation once you've seen a fair few shoujo romance.
Romance doesn't work for me. Any feelings of empathy that turn their warm feelings into reciprocated ones for myself quickly get converted into nasty feelings of loneliness and misery.
I only like it if the plot actually goes somewhere.
My Little Monster and AoHaru Ride were cute but I hated the whole "back and forth" the main couples had.

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Aren't lolis in anime kinda sexy these days? I'm pretty sure they weren't sexy before.
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Do you have any more convincing evidence?
No, you're just becoming more of a paedophile.
The people making this material are not only providing for pedophiles but are producing them through mental retraining.

Is Aho Girl this generation's Minami-ke?
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it's shit
Back to your Academia General fag
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needs more OTP

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They still haven't topped Hidamari Sketch x 365.
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Did I stutter?
>Soredemo Machi wa Mawateiru
>Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei + OVA
>Hidamari Sketch: Sae Hiro Sotsugyou-hen
>Koufuku Graffiti
>3-gatsu no Lion
These are all great SHAFT shows made after 365.

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What 2D grills would be absolute beats in bed?
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like by dr dre?
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I would die to know how frisky she can be.

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She was gay, wasn't she?
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Nono is going bald

Which one is Nono again?
The cutest one.

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In the opening ya nerd.
up your ass, nigga
Chiaki is such a shit character, the show was better before she got introduced. She adds nothing.

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Would you go for a drink with a pretty "28 year old cake"?
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Absolutely. the most fun I ever had was with women in their late twenties to early thirties. They're old enough to know what they want and young enough to still pull it off.
Wait, why the fuck isn't 28 considered "Onee-san"? You stop calling yourself Onee-san and start using Obaa-san at 35.
Like retardo in disguise said. It's borderline creepy, but still acceptable.

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Recently got to chapter 107, where the translations are, and I'd like to discuss. Chapter 28 is still my absolute favorite and Shiraishi is a smooth criminal
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Author is not really creative with crimes. Every one's a surprise uber murderer. I hope other one's like animal thief or geisha groper.
Current chapters are at 130.. I won't give spoilers
I don't want to see any geisha gropers after Ushiyama thanks
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So, when does all this gay shit start?

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