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Accelerator a qt
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NT19 hype soon
I hope NT19 focuses on the matters at hand rather than sperging out over a girl being near Touma.
So what do you think Accelerator will do in NT19

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This is your father tonight
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source, google gives me nothing but korean twitter
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I wonder if the opposite has ever been done;
a delicious reverse-trap mother who teases who awkward teenage daughter into oblivion
I want it.

What's the point of reverse traps?
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Making me hard.
The pleasant surprise of not being gay
Combining them with normal traps.

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Rikko you slut

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Kill your self. Oh wait!
He was right.
Hello Suzakurager.

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9 more days.
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maybe her butt hurts
From what?
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will there be a loli porn scenes on the movie?
I'm planning to watch this movie with a co-worker.

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>character speaks in Kansai
>Dub has them speak with a southern drawl
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What would be the closest "equivalent" in English, then?
Sorta like a southern drawl
Then I guess OP has some 'splainin' to do.

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meru meru meru meru meru meru me
meru meru meru meru meru meru me
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Meruru new maymay
Best girl. Her end is canon. Kirino is shit.

How does her V smell like?

>go through fake betrayal
>willingly put on suicide necklace
>in exchange for a deal she knows won't be honored

For what fucking purpose? Is Chris just a fucking idiot?
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I mean, going through these stills, it's obvious she's cute
But I dunno
I can't see the logic, I think she's a bit lacking in the smarts.

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This threads as dead as Alaia.
Yurika faito~

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He is goin To come Back anons Someday

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Can they keep him dead and just move on already?
Aren't we talking about Dragon Ball Super here? Who the hell is that guy?
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

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Why hasn't the last 2 chapters been translated yet?
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Because mangatopia is shit.
you know, i thought this was going to go to shit after that really long drawn out arc with the helicopter, but im pleasantly surprised. I honestly thought they were going to end it after that
because spics are lazy

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Why didn't she just use her power to lift up the debris?
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cant reach in that position without breaking her leg
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oh but she did.
I forget, does it allow her to ignore mass altogether? It would still take a lot of strength to move something that big.

Hell guys, I'm All Might.
I'm the strongest hero.
Have any questions?
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Why wouldnt you choose Lemillion instead of some faggot that loses to bakugou in spite of being stronger?
File: 1433912359521.png (289KB, 836x896px)Image search: [Google]
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are you a virgin ?
Because the loser will become even stronger than me.

Nope, I have fucked thousands of women.

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Just finished Oreimo after dropping it for 3 years

Why do you hate Manami again? She was the best girl and a perfect wife.
>calculative, will go far in life and earn mad dosh.
>plain but not horrible looking.
>does shit for you.
>Very supportive
Her personality is the jackpot in relationship due to these qualifications. Sure she did some terrible stuff but everything is fair in life and love. It just shows how caring she is towards whom she cares about. Also she was right, incest relationship is wrong and could hurt Kyōsuke life in the long run. Pushing him towards other girls and being supportive was a good thing.

>But she was violent
Talk shit get hit and all that stuff. Kirino deserved it.

I cant be only one who thinks like this.
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Best waifu.
Would have been a waste if she had gotten together with that waste of a character Kyousuke.
I love her.
She was a manipulative psycho bitch who fucked up Kyousuke and Kirino's relationship as children because she was afraid that Kirino would be competition for her. Ironically, in doing so, she prevented the normal socialization processes that typically occur between siblings which tell them "don't fuck your sibling" from ocurring, thereby creating actual romantic competition where none had previously existed.

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