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We can have endless discussions about if anime was much better before or after the 00's but i wont allow you dirty subhumans to even question that old OST were much better in the past than the garbage J-Pop we have now.

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I don't know, i genuinely enjoy listening to Hiroyuki Sawano and also Yuki Hayashi (Haikyuu, BnHA)
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Actually kind of agree with you. I find myself listening and enjoying a lot of older music from the 90's and early 2000s more. I can't stand most of the generic bubblegum pop idol crap they push with most shows today.
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Cast them.
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Real girls cannot be intimidating, Satsuki is uncastable.
00's Jennifer Connolly as Satisuki

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The series is dead isn't it?

For LN fans, we'll never get the resolution of:
- Kyon's true name
- Old Mikuru's shady shenanigans
- Sasaki best girl would never be voiced/animated
- The true nature of Haruhi's power
- The meaning of Yuki's poem
- Who'll win in the intergalactic battles between the Data Overmind and Sky Canopy
etc. etc.

What a shame. I bet a lot of newfags don't even read the LN these days
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We will never find out if Tsuraya was a Human Interface or not.
That's just a meme. DELET this.

Anyway it is truly a shame, because despite the writers block all the LNs are really well written unique sci-fi/SOL hybrid, and certainly beats out garbage waifubait LNs these days like Sword Art or Doragon Maid
>- Old Mikuru's shady shenanigans
already solved in Surprise, although they could add more to it

>- The meaning of Yuki's poem
I thought it was a metaphor for her situation with the Data Entity and the SOS Brigade

>- Who'll win in the intergalactic battles between the Data Overmind and Sky Canopy
It'd be more of a discussion than a battle but it's a shame

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Finally read Elfen Lied after backlogging the manga for like 6 years, how was this tripe so popular?
Was it just the fact that it was a gory series with plenty of naked chicks in a sea of typical haremshit that made it so popular?
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The thing about Elfen Lied is that it's babby's first seinen. 13 and 14 year olds discover it, become wildly obsessed with it because it's the first thing they've seen that's got so much sex and gore, hype it up to each other so other kids read/watch it too, and then forget about it.
this is how 2007(?) normalfags imagined "anime" anyway, some ugly scary shit, so it was right in the bag
Also teens are easy to impress
Also Latin makes anything better.
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Brynhildr wasn't as bad if you don't really care about shitty endings

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Girls that are too good for their series.
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You first.
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Her overconsumption of bananas is a sign of hypokalaemia
Her mental state is a classic sign and the underlying cause is probably her dying.
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Or she's an ape.
>symptoms: weakness, tiredness
OP is an aho.
She's a perfectly healthy monkey.

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why are people obsessing so damn hard about this episode/scene?
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Because it's both sweet and hot?
And something most of /a/ will never ever experience in their life.
Chronically shit taste. Unfortunately about 90% of this boards userbase suffers from it.
tfw Shinobu is right the fuck here

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Sucks we're never going to get to see how his life ended up before dying. Never going to get to see the war he was involved in, what lead to him becoming Counter Guardian, where he got his jacket, or what the things similar to Angra Mainyu were he faced. Sucks to be a Archerfag.
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>where he got the jacket
from rin

>what led to him becoming CG
stopping a nuclear meltdown

>sucks to be an archerfag
only because hes an insufferable faggot
EMIYA lived hunting ISIS down. He failed and so he must now eternally hunt them down as a CG throughout all timelines.
>from rin

Man its such a shame when good character design is wasted on shitty anime. Pic related.
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I thought this was the next non non biyori
/a/ said it was going to be the next non non biyori
Why did you turn on it /a/?
It's not comfy, it's just an annoying advertisement with some nice fanservice inbetween.
People who read the manga always love to fuck arpund with secondaries

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Is there a better MC? Yes, you could say that his taste in girls is abysmal, but he's very dedicated. Several girls lust of after him, but at no point does he give in and he's only dedicated to his love. That kind of dedication is admirable and should be respected, especially if you're a scumbag who switches waifu every season.
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Not noticing girls lusting over you is not the same thing as resisting their lusts.
I never took it this seriously.
>Several girls lust of after him, but at no point does he give in
Nice way of describing "He never notices that other girls are into him".

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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I am indifferent to it.
I don't like it yet

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She was kinda dumb right?
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Fuck off redditor.
>my butthurt depends on filenames from google

This scene was so sweet.

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Why would i trust something from a filthy alien with those big ass eyes you damn freak
You won't remember "her" in a few months.

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Worst Jojo intro
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and still better than average
still better than part 5
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Best JoJo ending

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These two are fundamentally the same character.
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Oreki is a genius though.
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Kumiko is actually Kyon though.
They're both shit?

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