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the Great Debate
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Left by virtue of not attracting hordes of normalfags.
There's really no debate. The ball of fat on the right can't compare.
I like Kanna more. She's more of an ideal daughter.

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Reminder that japari buns are made of humans.
Reminder that there is nothing wrong or strange about the Japari Buns so please continue eating them.

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Rin is ready to fight, Are you?
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What do I get if I win?
I surrender, she can do everything she wants with my body
Why ask when you know you won't win anyway.

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no fujoshi anime
no idol anime

This company will go bankrupt soon
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Fate soon, fellow SHAFTfag
They'll just keep pumping out monogatari shit so I doubt they'll go bankrupt any time soon.
Kick Shinbo out so the staff can leave their comfort zone.

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Since there are some anons here who really like the first couple from I Shoujo, I'm dumping their next story from I Shoujo+.

Really wish someone would pick up this series.
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So is this the final form of anime? Are CGI puppets going to become and the norm, and is that a bad thing?

Just about finished this up and while it was a jarring at first, I felt it allowed for some animination consistency and nice fight scenes
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I'm willing to see more 3DCG anime so long it actually improves (techniques, execution and such) over time.

I don't think 2D animation will ever die out in Japan, though.
No, probably not.

Frankly, I don't care what happens as long as they quit being extra fucking cheap and quit it with the 8fps. If that means 3D, then so be it.
I'm ok with this

How would you have fixed Akame ga Kill?
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Make it a generic sol school anime/manga with the same cast.
>Add more depth to Wild Hunt.

The Wild Hunt Arc is usually agreed to be where the series went to complete shit. They should've been fleshed out more, instead of just being 'rape lmao' and they should've had some better fights. Seriously, they had some pretty good Teigu.

If we keep all the hype for Izou, actually have him deliver on it.

>Budo doesn't job

Nigga's the Grand General, doesn't even know how his damn Teigu works. Should've played up his opposition of Honest more, until eventually he and Esdeath fight.

>Keep Seryu alive after Kyorach

Not having Seryu during the Wild Hunt arc was such a massive waste.
Feature the titular character.

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Animated by MAPPA, airing in the summer.
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Needed more Mary.
>coming Summer
>by a studio with so many upcoming projects

Enjoy your collapsing production
MAPPA will make sure to make it full gay

fucking degenerate studio

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How do you remember what you're reading /a/?
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Autism and/or never stop reading that manga until scans stop and then leave a note of what is happening chapters before.
I use anime-planet. For series not on there, I keep bookmarks of things I'm in the middle of reading, and use follows on Batoto.

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chapter 340 and 341 is out

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and sinbad 139&140
I guess these threads are dead now.
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Nobody remembers Kill Me Baby

Nobody except me
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I remember dropping it while it was airing.
Maybe I should give it a second try.

Quiet or you go back in the hole, Yasuna!
i liked how the old lady narrator would make animal noises for like snakes and birds and squirrels

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Is Saki really about mahjong?
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I would make my daughter dress like that
I would make my son dress like that
>not daughter(male)

A thread for drawing or requesting animu related things. Old >>154481528
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Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters giving Mimibro-tan headpats like she were a pet cat on her lap, please!

Thanks if you pick this up!

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Requesting the girls from Blazblue Remix Heart dressed like a fantasy adventuring party and either engaged in combat with a monster or moving down a dungeon corridor. From left to right:
1. Kajun Faycott as a Wizard wearing robes and maybe holding a crystal ball or a tome
2. Mai Natsume as an unarmored or lightly armored Fighter wielding a spear
3. Makoto Nanaya as an unarmored Monk using her fists or tonfa
4. Noel Vermillion as a Rogue in leather armor holding a crossbow
5. Tsubaki Yayoi as a Priestess in chainmail holding a light weapon and/or holy symbol
Mage from Bikini Warriors wearing a wedding dress, either a normal one or a bikini-type such as http://desuarchive.org/a/thread/152729227/#152766970

Good thing I'm here.
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pls don't start.

Dragon fags getting mad with their power levels as usual

If you haven't heard of it, read it right now. Insanely good action manga. However, its 24/7 fanservice and every girl is a pedo for the MC
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Also really good art in the manga. Hopefully the anime is able to capture it.
If I read it right now, I won't be inspired to watch the anime though.

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