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Which /a/ template is your favorite?
Mine is "this is your ______ tonight".
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"This is ___, say something nice about her!"
"What the fuck is his/her problem?"
OP is a ______.
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check these.png
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Is there an /a/ equivalent to this? You know, a map of Japan with representative anime for each prefecture (or as many as we can remember)?

I'll start...

-Tokyo: Bake (based on the outer wards)
-Saitama: Lucky Star
-Hyogo: Haruhi
-Gifu: Higurashi
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Kyoto: Hyouka
Madoka for Kanagawa? Some have said Mitakihara's waterfront in one of the games looks similar to Yokohama.
Chiba: Oh My Goddess

Can we discuss this gem of an anime? The characters are great, the art is great, cute girls all over the place, interesting side stories, and it's short and sweet.
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generic ultra pandering harem piece of shit.
There is no harem at all. It's just a group of platonic friends playing online games. Please Anon don't taint Netoge with the notion of sex.

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New work from Okamoto Lynn!
Translation when?
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When chapter 2 is coming?
It's weekly.
I don't know it is a good news or not because weekly usually for children stories.

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New ep is out.
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I said that
My heart and my penis.
No matter how hard I self insert the MC won't tell her to not give up. FUCK

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elien baker replacement.jpg
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This is awesome but did they not take notes on what happened the first time?
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>new Elien Baker now
Fuck does that even mean?
Lurk more

She's going to fuck the bassist.

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just go read anything by Nersomashin
For those who missed the thread: >>154874623
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Where have you been when Masaaki Yuasa saved the anime ?
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Don't post this every day.
Devilman is a franchise of quality ranging from good and groundbreaking for the time to complete garbage.
There's at least a 30% chance this could be shit.
>There's at least a 30% chance this could be shit.
If it's shit, it's going to be entirely Yuasa's fault.
4chan, as always

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japs dont shave.jpg
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248 spoilers are out.
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Seriously, the armpit has been called in previous threads, it was so fucking predictable.

Hiramoto needs to improve his bait and switch tactics, it's getting easy to predict.
prev. chapter
where are out link?

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So that's it? To Love Ru Darkness just ended with NOTHING happening? No harem? He doesn't even choose anyone? You gotta be fucking kidding me. What the fuck is up with the Japanese and their terrible fucking endings?
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At least the ride itself was enjoyable.

Some manga called Pastel kept going for ages, it literally presented itself as a series that have in depth development for its main couple, then more than 40 volumes later the series end and the couple goes nowhere, while literally every other side couple got a resolution, a slap in the face to all the 15 people that followed that trash.
We're probably getting another series. I doubt they'd let it end completely like that.
I thought TLR was going to be the harem series that was different and after this ending I'm not sure anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if they're tired of doing this series and want to do something else. Seriously, if he at least chose someone and we could get a few chapters or a volume out of that I would have been fine with it but instead every manga is like, "MANGA ENDS IN ONE CHAPTER?!" and every time it just... ends. No resolutions, tons of plot threads hanging, no climax. Just people running and text saying "Yup, his everyday life remains the same!" Fuck harems.

this scene doesn't happen in the film, it's just the poster, there is no scene where askua and shinji look ahead at lilith's head in the film itself

my question is where would this scene take place, is the correct answer sometime after shinji tries to choke asuka
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"I added it because it looks cool." -Anno when asked about all the shit pretentious western children think make Eva deep.
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just a little.jpg
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Are you stoned?
I was honestly more interested if anyone knew if there was a unused clip with this scene because I think it does indeed look cool, but in no version of the film is it included

there isn't a single shot where all three are in view and it kinda triggers my autism since the poster is not something from the film in a literal sense

What exactly is so bad about RE:Zero ? It has great characters, great plot, great animation and soundtrack...
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shitty characters, nonsensical plot, decent at best animation, forgettable soundtrack
Shit fanbase.

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This week's episode was COOL.
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>This week's episode
I want girls from other bands to have lines in anime.
Glitter Green's drummer has had plenty of lines so far

Gundam Twilight AXIS anime announced.

Finally Gundam anime from Ark Performance.
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Create a popularity vote game for Anime.

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Is that Haru?
File: Saori.png (120KB, 1366x663px)Image search: [Google]
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>Saori Vagina
I don't remember much of Oreimo, but I don't think that was her name.

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