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Why are you attracted to anime girls?
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I have penis.
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My dick tells me to.
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It's not my fault Yukari keeps on changing her breast size

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Is Cowboy Bebop overrated?
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Nah, it's pretty fucking fantastic

Evangelion on the other hand.......
Both of you are faggots. Bebop and Evangelion are properly rated.
Evangelion has a good rating? I though most everyone had come to accept its flaws at this point.

Which big bad battleship would you sink with your flesh-torpedo?

I would torpedo Musashi all night long...
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The pocket battleship.
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I prefer KagaTosa more
Can you play Kancolle in english yet?

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Why does JoJo bring up the most philosophical questions?
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fake news.png
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what is this video someone explain

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Les than 15 days to S2 and star of spoiler week.
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That titan's going to be important.
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LH is trash
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Gabi is cute. CUTE!

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Well anon, are you going to help them out?
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I'll help the one on the right.
you cant get a boy pregnant
Isn't this the episode where Kukuru meditates so hard she convinces herself she's pregnant and then goes nuts when she can't find her baby?

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Am i the only one still reading this?
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we tend to have a thread when a new ch comes out, so probably not.
kinda thought series would end after most recent arc

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Was K-on actually good or is it just a bad meme at this point?
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It gets better every year
meme core
It's actually good and it's actually the pinnacle of Moe as an art form.

Take that or leave it as it is, since moe is shit, but it's the best of the entire format.

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Will Mikoto go yandere and get absolutely BTFO
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I dont know
I hope so she already has a unhealthy obsession over him
the characters won't develop in any direction ever.

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Finally got around to Maid Dragon and why is Kanna so fucking thicc? It throws me off whenever I notice.
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Probably has to do with her eating humans (black, female)
Are you implying that eating thicc girls makes you thicc?
How many calories do you think are in Kanna's ass?

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Why did Japan develop cartoons that are more based around action and story development where as the west just mostly makes comedies?
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That's because they have a vibrant comic book market (unlike the west) and the low barrier of entry means that there is a gigantic number of material to use from that originated from the comic book style.
I don't know, but I prefer it that way. Japanese can do cheesy cool shit well, but they aren't that amazing at comedy. Even though animation works really well for precise, visual stuff, I really don't think I can name even one instance of good slapstick in Japanese animation at all from any era or series.
Japs are too busy working 46 hours per day to be unwound enough to enjoy a comedy. It would be too jarring, so they use edgier stuff.

This was easily the edgiest manga I've ever read in a while. Why the fuck was he so obsessed with Anna when he had a girl that allowed him to fuck her because she loved the sack of shit? Kazuya crossed the like killed Ikumi.
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I actually feel bad for mc, he was such a retard.
Not only was it edgu, it was retarded.
>he was such a retard.
This is why you should never let your obsession take control of your second chance at life.
Honestly, I wanted to see Ikumi have a better ending. Why couldn't she bash his head in?

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Hajimete no Yandere!
I have to say I wasn't expecting this I thought she would just be a plot interrupting side character.
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She is?

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>Being a shipperfag
>Your ship is literally dead
>Not worth keep living, better BOOM myself!
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Please tell me he tells Emma that Norman liked her.

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Is Kobeni the most erotic anime girl to ever exist?
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No, that would be Cattleya.
Kobeni is the perfect waifu.
Kobeni is for gangbangs.

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