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This chapter has been actually pretty good.

Fuck yes Noelle
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This was a terrible chapter, not surprising.
The only mangaka who has actually seen tits in real life
She kept getting cucked this chapter

Isn't it time you watched her movies, anon?
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I did. They sucked.
I did. They were all right.
They really weren't that good, other than the second one.

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fucking bitch
2nd best to ayase
incest fags get out
I condemn what she did but I feel sorry for her. Would comfort/10.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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Is that sword art online? Whoa, what happened?
A-1 pictures turned into A-1 kino
It shouldn't be surprising, Tomohiko Ito is Mamoru Hosoda's student after all.

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>introduce a transformation only thought to be obtained a lost legendary ritual
>attain it through sheer power of manlet rage
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Is there an edgier edgelord?
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Yes, considering he mellowed out after kicking ass with Itachi.

But at the time of your picture? No.
Not even the edgiest in his own show

Obito was pretty justified, and didn't go about his evil schemes like such a faggot. Sasuke did everything he could to ensure that his adventures were as edgy as possible

Plus Obito got stockholmed by madooora

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Why haven't more JAV stars been adapted into the 2D medium?
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Because Japan has shit taste
Because if it isn't done to humour the wish fulfilment is cringe tier beyond isekai levels.
That looks nothing like Ai Uehara.

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Why is nobody translating the next big shounen?
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because they're adults.
Because whatever this is, it will get canned in around 3 months.
I dunno and am sad about it. The first two chapters were quite nice and I would've liked to see where it went before the rebel faction and shonen power arcs came up.

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Is this what working in an office is like?
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Its exactly like that, but with reversed genders.
This is my fetish
Hillary please.

Of all the manga/anime that has introduced some kind of innate chi that humans could bring about and manipulate, which ones did you like best?

Ki (Dragon Ball)
Nen (Hunter x Hunter)
Chakra (Naruto)
Haki (One Piece)
Furyoku (Shaman King)
Reiryoku (Bleach)
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Is OP has chuunibyou illness?
Nen makes the most creative use of Ki

Cosmos is literal universe destroying bullshit incarnate

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I'm sad now.
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That's a shame. I read the first couple translated chapters and was intrigued since it's basically JoJo with Raiku's humor.
I could see where he's coming from though; I think he wants to use his creativity to make a manga with a more refreshing/different setting/characters instead of just another action/comedy shounen manga set in high school. Doubutsu no Kuni (Animal Land) had a fairly unique premise and I think he takes pride in his imagination. The metal/puzzle contraptions that the MC's spirit or whatever makes is quite interesting but it wasn't a saving grace for the series.
I feel like Raiku also feels disappointed when his series aren't well-received by the magazine demographic since Gash was a big hit with children and Doubutsu no Kuni was as well I think.
Hopefully he will be able to sit down and create a manga he can be happy drawing.
It is children story really not my cup of tea,
Never really heard of the manga before, but is there any reason why it ended?

so, when does this get good? im 13 episodes in and the only thing i appreciate about it is the character depth; it feels slow, the comedy isnt always great, and I struggle very hard to feel good about the primadonna mc.
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Its worth powering through to the end. The story really is great
is it like eva
Nah, Eva gets good by episode 8

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So, S4 never?

I watched S1 and S2 with you /a/, but only now just finished the third one.
What did you think about the last season? It wasn't as fun like the previous one, but having stuff better animated or choreographed at times really helped. Despite it being almost all demons, I still had fun.
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Was pretty much ass, never even finished it.
I'd rather there were no more at this point.
I don't think it's particularly good, it's more of a guilty pleasure at times.
How much did you watch? I remember disliking S1 back then.
They might not do any for a while since Nanoha.
They took 4 years to announce S3 after S2 finished.
They might not do it though since they sort of fucked the show up with the LALALALALALA.

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>his favorite studio isn't on the top of production committee
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>his production commitee isn't run by money hungry companies attempting to craft the next big hit
>actually being part of the production committee
That's where you see the difference between studios that do souless work only for the money and can't take risks (like Kyoani) and the ones that can recklessly burn the publisher's money in passion projects that were never expected to sell.

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How do you decide what to watch next on your backlog?
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Depends on my level of interest or lack thereof in the anime that's next on the list.

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