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Name which one you would:
1. Marry
2. Friends with benefits
3. One night stand
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Cat, cat and cat.
1. Hachikuji
2. Nadeko
3. Karen
None. I already have a waifu.

>endures a painful death he might not be able to come back from on a gamble

Kazuma is hard as shit.
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Ya lost me.
Who are you quoting?

Hanabi is literally me.
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post rare hanabis
Please be in Abu Dhabi
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ITT: First time you were ever saddened by an anime character's death

Pic related
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Yang Wenli.
Come on anon, I liked Yang as much as anyone else but his death was lame, and even then, happening after Bucock's makes it even less memorable.

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>Husband (female)
Why isn't this more common?
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Houki A Best
Laura is cute!

Laura is confirmed shit. So sayeth Chifune

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>god-tier award winning light novel source material
>adapted by the best studio
>animation and art is a 10/10
>headed by perhaps the most talented TV director in the medium

How will this change the industry?

How many BD sales do you predict?
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This light novel is shit. Don't fall for the "award winning" meme.
>a bunch of big names makes a good show

Remember Chaos Dragon? Of course not, you're a summershit
It won't change anything.

Probably 4k.

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Is this going to be the logical conclusion to anime?
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There will actually be people pretending it isn't the best looking airing anime
The fuck does that even mean

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Lupin thread?
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I want to fuck Fujiko.
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>not posting short haired fujiko
fucking casual
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It's called having taste.

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Is it safe to say One Piece is bigger in Japan, while Naruto is bigger worldwide?

Nerdier kids know what One Piece is here, but it's not even close to the size of the phenomenom Naruto is.
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Thanks to 4Kids.
alot of hablo espanol watch naruto
this. naruto resonated much more with the post-dbz communities

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>No scanlations for Kanata no Astra
>Viz is the only way to read it in english
Shame, its a pretty fun ride but a lot of people won't end up reading it because of it only being on Viz.
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Anyone else reading this?
>Anyone else reading this
Guess not

I want to storytime this but I cant find rips anywhere

Say something good to Kanna.
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i came really hard while looking at hentai featuring you
Don't eat that it's really bad for you.
I want to motorboat your butt and lick your butthole.

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Alright, /a/. I don't get it. The 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter is revered by many as extraordinary; a monument of it's medium, and a masterpiece of it's genre. Prior to watching, I had no idea it even boasted such a lofty reputation. I hold a great affection for Yu Yu Hakusho, and so I only gave Hunter a chance by it's author's label. After seeing it through to the end (ayy), I'm absolutely baffled by the overwhelmingly positive reception it's received. I honestly can't fathom that the man who wrote such a prolific shounen manga managed to fumble so badly with his sophomore series.

This show is so rife with missteps, I don't even know where to begin. It's plot is serviceable, and sometimes intriguing, but the staples holding it together are so bent out of shape, the whole thing falls apart. It's characters range from subpar to insufferable, and that's when they're lucky enough to even be written into the narrative. Gon is a somewhat interesting protagonist, but I wish I could say the same for all his friends. Killua is an angsty cliché with legs, and his backstory sounds like it was pasted from a tweenage RP forum. For a boy raised by a family of killer assassins who was bred never to trust or have friends, he sure has an easy time befriending Gon in the literal first 20 seconds that they meet. Kurapika takes the angst up even higher, but thankfully he and Leorio simply stop existing in the story's plot halfway through the series.

What happened to the chemistry? The development of Yu Yu Hakusho's characters is almost unparalleled, with all four protagonists growing and changing together over a long course of time. Yusuke is an almost entirely separate person at the end of the series. The four heroes of Hunter x Hunter become best chums almost immediately, and most of them are nearly identical in their final appearances to their introductions. It's incredibly disheartening, but not nearly as painful as Hunter's storytelling.
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At one point, Kurapika reveals that he has the ability to access all five categories of Nen and use them to his full capacity at will. He also has an ability that allows him to capture and defeat any Spider with absolutely no effort whatsoever. He gains these powers immediately after learning to use Nen. In another scene, Killua inconceivably obtains an enormous power boost by removing a pin from his forehead, which was never mentioned prior. In an episode hailed as legendary, Gon gets angry and powers up to defeat an extremely powerful enemy, again with no effort whatsoever. This would be the show's most anticlimactic apex, if it weren't for another string of scenes in which the arc's primary antagonists all die from radiation poisoning off-screen. Except for the King, of course, who decides to stop being a bad guy altogether. I could go on for hours, especially regarding the atrocious asspulling of the final arc, but you get the idea. These are just a few of Hunter's horrendously written plot points, and they take a metal bat to the narrative's knees.

I could sit here for the rest of my weekend trying desperately to understand why this series is regarded as a beacon of greatness in the industry, but I feel I'm getting no closer to clarity. Why, /a/? What am I missing? What makes this series so spectacular?
Painful copypasta tier post(s)

When will it fucking end?
You can sling pompous jabs around all you want, but if you're not going to propose any counterpoints, then you may as well just be shitting on your keyboard.

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Why did Gon want to kill this innocent girl? Is he a sasuke-tier edgemaster?

It wasn't her fucking fault that the hermaphrodite died.
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He didn't. He just wanted to fight Pitou and was really mad.
The desire for revenge corrupted him.
It made him evil, while at the same time, the prince became good. That ending was really fucked up. It turned all the main characters into the villains and then it redeemed the original villains but they ended up getting killed anyway.
zeno and netero reactions were godlike

Most fedora tippers aren't sovereign citizens because they know fucking with the government will end poorly for them. They won't insult their boss because they don't want to get fired. People put up with a lot of shit out of a sense of self-preservation, so why would anyone insult a being that has control over their afterlife? If there was a Darwin Award for ghosts they'd win it right there.
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t. beta
Why would anyone fear something that doesn't exist?
Honestly if I died right now and God decided to show up moments before my death to get me to praise him, I'd tell him to suck my nuts for making me a poor Puerto Rican.

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So FLCL 2 isn't too far away.

Are they going to use new Pillows music or stuff they've already made?

Either way, should I be hyped?
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If you're too stupid to think for yourself you should stay in >>>/v/
how soon exactly?

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