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"If you liked episode 10, you'd probably love episode 12" - Tattun.

What did he mean by this?
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I cant wait
Sasuga anitwitter. Full of pathetic normalfags as always. And as expected from a sakugafag too, an insufferable holier than thou asshole.
I want bunny akko to pop out a litter of andrewbunnies

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Forget best, let's argue about sexiest anime girl.

If any can even compete with my dark magician girl face down in defence mode
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She was my first waifu, but I've grown to like her cousin more with the years. It's all in the eyes, breh.
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If we are staying in Yugioh in terms of sexiest. Nothing beats the aggressive looking Harpy Ladys. They are ready to rape a nigga.
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C'est facile de nier.

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Just read all the raw chapter
Holy shit why didn't /a/ tell me about how great this is?

>that sense of ADVENTURE and exploration
>that world building and attention to background details
>that psychological horror and madness as they descend into the abyss and struggle to survive
>that loli and shota suffering
>that furry Nanachi

Seriously this is AOTY material if they don't fuck up the adaptation.
Any idea what time will it air?
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>attention to detail
That's always what this artist has been known for, at an absurd level.
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Made in Abyss is fucking amazing. I'm just hoping it gets picked up by someone.
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>that loli and shota suffering
Gonna need some examples.

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Serebryakov is CUTE
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I hope he isn't dead.
>all them strategic wins
>The Empire will still somehow manage to lose the war

What the fuck?
What's his endgame?

This is an Aztec Fairy Dragon (Goddess)
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That's a child molester.
Real tho
I'll let her molest me.

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This is the wrong board for this famalam, the anime was awful
Do do do don, so miserable
I've never felt like thinking this will last forever

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What are you working on?
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I'm currently working on a doujin that I imported and scanned. I've never done any scanlation before, but I hope it turns out well!
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Didn't a thread just died like 5 hours ago? With like 25 replies?
Anyway, I should really be translating this right now, but here I am on /a/...
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Just read all the raw chapter of pic related and it quickly become one of my new favorite manga.

Why is the translation so slow?

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2nd season announced.
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Really pleased for the five people watching this.
Wow that's awesome, can't wait for more.
count me in

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>Making a new thread when the last is only on page 3

Does your e-peen feel satisfied now?
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Final cast list where?
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F is for Fusion!

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Chapter's out

Touka Best Girl.
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Nothing happens: The Chapter
Ishida needs to take a fucking break so that he can get his shit together.
>Everyone predicted either Kaneki/Amon or Kaneki/Touka conversation
>instead we get Amon/Touka


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What's with the whole blonde hair blue eyes thing anyway with the conveniently human looking xenos anyway? Bitch I've been rocking the Aryan style and you don't see me crying home about it.
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Black vs Bullet.jpg
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First for 18 for best waifu.
What are you expecting for tonight's fight?

why is she so perfect bros
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I want her to take a huge steamy dump on Akko's chest.
Because she triggers the fuck out of pathetic plebs who would rather rage at a fictional character than make even the tiniest effort to fix their train-wreck lives.
They should be here shortly...

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Hikari is way cuter than the other sluts honestly
I want to pull out her fangs.
I wanna be her thrall.

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New chapter is out: https://reader.s2smanga.com/download/black-torch/en/0/3/

It seems the mangaka is aware of that: https://twitter.com/takatsuyo320/status/838227888700710912
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Will the Cerulean Queen exist in the anime?
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>He also added Chameleon and Shoebill
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Take it easy!

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