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Has Suu met her match?
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>Reverse search
>Cartoon network
>Page not found

Well fuck.
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Reading this chapter made me think about why slime girls have surface anatomy implying muscles and bone. What purpose does it serve?

Why haven't he done anything until humans were harming him directly?
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Just like there aren't any environmental problems until humans fuck with nature.
its because HE IS LIBERAL SCUM
he's a just a dumb deer

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This is your waifu getting ready to go to the firework show
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Is striped part black with white strips or white with black strips?

Fun fact: whoever sees it white with black strips has low testosterone
>Implying I'd have some shitty flat chest girl as my waifu
If your waifu doesn't have C-cups at the very least, she's fucking worthless.
Huh? Are you autistic or something? It's grey and dark grey.

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It begins anew
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>multiple Ars Marinas

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>that headband
I-Is that one of my AI-fus?

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Kakegurui Thread: Chapter 39.
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Will she be the final boss?
Dunno. Still haven't read it past like 9.
bumping this.

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Is Death Note trash?
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It's one of the best anime ever made.
The ending is

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Spoilers: https://yonkouprod.com/jojolion-chapter-63-spoilers/

New chapter should be out today! Hoping to see more Speed King, the best stand in the series.
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You fucked up again anon.
I could glue together random stuff from a junkyard and it would still look better than Shit King
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Its been a while since we had these.
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You stay in the car Anon, I'll take care of this.
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Rin vs the Driver who wins?
Where is the steering wheel in that car? What is going on, how can she drive with no steering wheel?

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saint seiya.png
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Muricans are really lucky that this piece of shit never became a hit in the U.S. In my country most of the weeaboos honestly think that this garbage is the greatest thing ever made and nothing will ever come close to it's greatness. While anyone with a bit of common sense can see why this piece of shit has no redeeming qualities:

>autistic dialogue, every single character is deaf
>more plotholes and asspulls than Bleach and Naruto combined
>more gay innuendo than any fujoshit series ever made
>fights that are neither strategic like JoJo or HxH, or have good choreography like Hokuto no Ken or Dragon Ball, just two guys screaming and shooting energy blasts until one of them dies

I can only imagine that if Saint Seiya was a sucess in the U.S, their fans would be the most toxic fanbase in /a/.
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Mexicool here, my older brothers loved this shit, and have bootlegs and collections of it over and over. I never got into it, although I sort of it enjoyed it up to the end of the Gold Saints arc. I really don't remember much about it besides Shiryu being badass, and Shun being a fag with his bro.
>Muricans are really lucky that this piece of shit never became a hit in the U.S.
Yeah all we got was Dragon Ball Z which isn't much if any better.
Here in Brazil Shiryu is more known for bleeding enough blood to fill a lake everytime he fights

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dayum, i wasn't expecting it to be THIS sad

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why is it raining inside my house
Shhh there just sleeping
what is this liquid coming form my eyes? is this sweat? do eyes sweat?

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Convince me that Ryuko isn't objectively better than Satsuski.
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But you're right. Ryuko is the best.
I don't need to convince you. By definition she can't possibly be "objectively" better.
She is though.

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I was thinking it today.

>You will never have a loli mom that always cooks you fattening food
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Why is she always crying/whining?
My first thought upon glancing at this image was a loli carrying her bunched up sheets after wetting the bed.

>You will never have a loli mom that still wets the bed.
I would fuck her brains out.

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Volume 23 comes out in 5 minutes.
Will we see any news of S4?
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That Ravel cover is probably the cutest illustration in the serie.
Ishibumi is teasing Gabriel finally getting her illustration on Twitter.
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Miyama Zero is back to doing fuck all again, apparently.
She did

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