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Has there ever been a battle harem series that actually strayed from the norm in terms of its cliches?

Like, for isekai, there are a lot of generic ones out there. But at least some writers try to break defined cliches and have their MC reincarnate as a slime or a spider or a vending machine, or mock those cliches heavily like in Konosuba.

But with battle harems, I am literally drawing a blank. All of them follow the same plot structure, the same character archetypes. People bemoan how bad isekai is in their stories, but battle harems might be even worse in that regard.
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Why change something that is working?
Yeah, the other one that aired the same season.

Forget the name.

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Director: Naoyuki Itou
Screenplay: Manabu Ishikawa
Character Designer: Toshinao Aoki
Animation Character Designer: Aya Takano
Music: Akito Matsuda
Animation Production: Madhouse

Mina Katahira
Yuki Tanaka
Momone Iwabuchi
Misako Iino
Mitsuho Kambe
Hitomi Suzuki
Suzuko Mimori

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Looks cute as fuck.

Horry Shiet I haven't been there since Omni left randomc.
>literal kimi no na wa x koe no katachi

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Hey /a/
Would you workout with your waifu?
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does sex count
The only workout Nozomi ever gets is at the all-you-can-eat buffet.
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>not lifting for your waifu

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be honest /a/, who is best girl?
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from NGE?
I like neither of them. According to keikaku. If I must chose I'd do Asuka. At least she is a human with emotions n shiet.
>slut psycho bitch with electra complex
>slut alcholic with electra complex
>a clone detached with emotion

they are all shit and you should all feel bad

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Childhood friend chapter

I havent seen this for years and someone did kindly translate so why not dump it.
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literally /ourguy/
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What was his name again?

No googling
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Pencil Neck Mcveins
darkie boy

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Godzilla anime film new teaser visual, opens November 2017.
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Urobuchi does it again!!
>no godzilla.jpg

There's stuff that looks like Godzilla's find in the background.
Godzilla did nothing wrong

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ano nagai yatsu
yare yare daze
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
Everyone loves it.
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I don't like it
But I love you all

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ITT: Poorly adapted scenes compared to the source material
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Can I just say "The entirety of Youjo Senki"?
They cut a lot of funny shit. (like people misunderstanding Tania)
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adolescent adam.png
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do manga adaptations of light novels count?
Don't they have those scene on the final seconds on each episode?

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TL note: Yuki means best girl.
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Did you mean Haruhi, the actual best girl?
Did you mean Sasaki, the actual best girl?
It's actually a French loanword

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Mmmmh burg sugoi ne
burger or little Mio?
careful you don't get ketchup on you

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i really hope emilia-tan is satella
You should feel proud of yourself.

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Shingeki no Kyojin.jpg
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Hi. This anime will be returning again in one week.

Say something ____ about it!
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I'm in it for potato-chan.
Armin is really gay
Hope he dies
it can't get worse, can it?

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Sanakan revealed
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Certainly didn't imagine the Blame world to have any warm colors
It's better seen as/in black and white, but it is what it is.
that looks like a hole left by the GBE
though i dont know if it's supposed to leave burning holes like that

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