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Which Kono would you suba?
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i don't think about shit shows

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Why couldn't the other arcs be great as Kyouko's?
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Friendly Reminder.

>Compulsive Liar
>Typical highschool queen bitch that craves for attention
>Muh popularity
>She would let any classmate or deer ride her just to prove she has sexual experience
>Smells like a thousand spaniard cocks
>Even Ayaneru thinks she is a bitch
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Dont know, but Im glad all the budget went to Kyouko.


None of those are critical flaws except
>spaniard cocks
And that's a meme
>Even Ayaneru thinks she is a bitch

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New chapter out on the 24th
Volume 38 is coming out on July 18th
Volume 39 is coming out in Japan later this year
Season 2 starts April 7th
Season 2 PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbx0PAsWiKw
Dub premieres on the 20th
Dub clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI7FqvX21eI
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Gonna dump all the volume posters
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Do you like older women?
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Yes, and especially if they're voiced by HanaKana. She needs to voice more cakes.
I like Ursula.
Yes, especially if they have loli bodies.

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When did you realize that girls with long hair and straight bangs are the best?
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About 11 years ago on this very day
We had this thread already you cunt
You must be busy posting that in every thread.

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Lady Caramel a.k.a Kakaturi reporting in
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Jinbe's gonna die.
Post SaNami
>mouth full of shota jizz
According to SBS 810 anyway.

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One page thread
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Boku no Retard
Killyourfriends Art Online.

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Is Aoi /our girl/?
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No she seems pretty boring.
Post yfw we get a bigger and thiccer extra deck limit
When I first saw her, my first thought was that she looks bland and unattractive. She grew on me though, mostly from fanart.

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The first WaSuYu movie came out today and screenshots of the second movie have been released.

A new LN was announced on the Nico show, entitled ‘Kusunoki Mebuki is a Hero’. It will be set in autumn of the year 300 and will be about the candidates that weren't chosen to fight as Heroes.

A YuYuYu/WaSuYu/NoWaYu mobile game was announced.

The second VN was fully translated and patched.

Everything else is here: http://pastebin.com/2wvjCyrV
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Previous thread: >>154696909
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>about the candidates that weren't chosen to fight as Heroes
So it's Washed-out Rejects: The Novel? Sounds like a real thriller.
Even more sufferring.

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Just dumping the special bonus pictures.
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Esdese-sama a best. A BEST.
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Kurome a CUTE!
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New chapter is out and next episode is almost here, just be happy guys.
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Will Goku die?
wtf i love toyo now
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>roughly 40kg

Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.
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What is the point of have two Megumin threads in a row? It's not healthy to ejaculate 5+ times a day, give anons a break.
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Does Megumin in the LN ever get enough mana to cast two explosions in the same day?
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I want to fill her with my mana.

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Do you think Amanda ever resents being dormed with the literal autistic kid?

I can imagine that it would be a huge pain sometimes.
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>Best witch Edition

That's why I love you lads
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I wanna kiss Sucy!
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A surprised Constanze is a cute Constanze!

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It is from episode 2 of Mizugi Kanojo, my friend.
The exact quote is around the 15:50 mark.
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