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New Thunderbolt episode out
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Thanks anon.
>caring about underwater Newtype monks Gundam
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Who /jazz/ here?

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Nobody talking about this? And yes it's 3D, though it looks good.

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>bird person

Is this Kemono Friends?
>Japanese Avengers
No thanks
with current /a/ I don't know if this is bait or just newfag to be honest

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This is a 2D japanese shitposter
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Is she from reddit?
If anything, she's more of a channer than you.
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This is a 2D(2D) japanese shitposter.

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This is a Hayasaka. Say something nice about her
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where the fuck is the thread
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She's great.

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I watched this until the end of the yorkshin arc and this is basically what I got:

>slowest pacing I ever saw
>almost no action(expecting to see action in a battle shounen is not a unrealistic expectation, so fuck you who says it's all about the story)
>the few fights are all about someone curb stomping a enemy way weaker than him
>too much infodumping dialogue
>gay innuendo everywhere

So, I basically failed to see what this series have that makes it the magnum opus of the battle shounen genre, even if it becomes a masterpiece later, there's no excuse for the series be this fucking boring in the 60º episode mark. The feeling I have is that all the hiatuses are the reason that people don't get tired of the manga, unlike most of the other long-running series.
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I know this is bait because every fag who watches the 2011 series first calls it Yorknew.
Fuck it, I'll hijack this thread to ask my questions:

How much filler does this show have? Is a 23-24 minute episode spend on 5 minutes of "PREVIOUSLY ON HxH" and another 5 minutes of "NEXT TIME on HxH"?

How rampant is power level shit? Does the series start with MC-kun getting his ass kicked by the town bullies and end with him being a god and throwing around galaxies?

This shit filled with cartoony villains? Too stupid to breathe good guys? Plot holes for Frodo?

I'm super weary of battle shounens but I keep hearing about HxH being excellent and such. I don't want to know if it's good or not since I can form my own damn opinion, I want to know if it's just another dumb battle shonen that's going to waste my time.
>Hunter x Hunter is overrated
What does this word mean
And why should anybody care you fucking sheep?

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Huzzah for early jump raws and actual colored pages.

55: Christmas at the Yuragi Inn
"I got some cream on me..."
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[Right] Merry Xmas!

"Merry Christmaaas!"
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"Hey! Merry Christmas!"
"Excuse me for coming in!"
"Oh? Why're you two together...??"

"We were working at the same place by coincidence"
"Here's a snack"
"By coincidence! That's some amazing coincidence there!"

"Your santa costume's so cute!"
"I wasn't planning on doing this, but everyone was changing so I had no choice... yeah"
"Ah, Kogarashi-kun! Chisaki-chan!"

"Merry Xmas!!"
"Koyuzu, you're a reindeer!"
"S-so cute..."

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ad3 they talk.jpg
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Osaka or Sakaki?
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And people say Kuzu no Honkai is the worst anime for cuckolding.
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One-sided affection is cuckolding now?
This fucking website is hopeless
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Man, it's been nothing but cuck shit recently.

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SSG Vegetto 2.png
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Leave Merged Zamasu to me!
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>no Black vs Goku in the manga
>instead we get Black vs Vegeta THREE TIMES
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goosh goosh.webm
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Is that Lava Vegetto?

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Solving mysteries with android assistant, Kazamori!
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needs more hmanga

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What's the point of paying real money for a premium vanity race if you're just going to wear full healadin armor?

Also, Skelly Knight in an Isekai or Necroskellymancer Ooal Gown?
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Source anon? Please tell me his isn't uber overpowered.
Gaikotsu Kishi-sama Tadaima Isekai e o Dekake-chuu

Sadly, he's overpowered, but maybe not uber overpowered. I've just finish reading the first volume. He keeps a lower profile than Ainz.
he is god in that world

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glorious black catg.jpg
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It had so much potential starting out it got me really exited the series would turn around. And it kind of did up until the end of the first invasion. Then kubo gave up and started giving vilians stupid abstract powers that made fights completly uninteresting. also didn't show aizen's bankai. most of the people here could write a better story than the second half of the final arc.
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Maybe it would ended better if it wasn't cancelled.
He was guilty tripped into finishing bleach, a kid dying with good ole cancer gave him a letter saying his work brough some joy to his dying days, so kubo begged for WSJ to not get axed so he could at least finish before the kid went to the big dream in the sky.
>how did a shitty writer who became infamous for asspulls and nonsense create a shitty ending

Really activates your almonds huh

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New PV for the adaptation is out


Get ready for chuuni
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The average /a/ viewer will never understand Dies irae
Feels bad.
This is going to be so easy to screw over. Here hoping we get a decent adaptation.

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Why is every fanart of Kotori so lewd and hypersexual? I cannot be the only one who's offended by this...
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She is naturally erotic and draws the gazes of men
There's literally 0 sex appeal in this pic m8.
She isn't particularly sexual to begin with.

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Chapter out on MangaONE app. Dumping raws kindly provided by screenshot anon with rough translation.

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>The remains of a trail that was once used to climb the mountain…
Woops, forgot the rest.

>So, if we go up that road we should be able to reach our destination, somehow!?

>Ha? Wait a second…
>You’re still aiming for the summit!?

>Weren’t we supposed to find our way back and go home? What time is it, right now?

>I’m completely exhausted.
>What are you even saying, right now?
>That’s right!! Now that we’ve come this far let’s call the UFO for sure!!

>No, that’s pointless… We’ve kept messing up since this morning…
>I feel like it’s better to stop right now before we start making some bad memories.

>Who do you think Inukawa, Saruta and co. bothered making all those plans for?
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>To have such an attitude in this situation… I swear… If only you could act a little more involved…
>…Eh? What’s that…

>Are you trying to say that looking back on it, everything’s my fault!?
>Ah… No… That’s not what I meant…

>It’s because you guys didn’t feel like doing anything until today that the club was disbanded!

>A bunch of guys without motivation reuniting and trying to do something…
>Of course it was bound to fail!!!

>Today is no different!
>Whether to go or not was always a problem…!! I’m done with this…

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